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  1. MarkII

    MarkII Member

    User Dictionary Plus
    Are you bored to come back for correcting a misspelled word during your text writing?
    User Dictionary Plus will learn your writing style from Messaging apps, Social websites, SMS and emails!


    Similar to "Swiftkey" personalization, User Dictionary Plus will let you to enrich your Android User Dictionary with new words from:

    *WhatsApp (Only Premium)
    *SMS (sent, received or all)
    *Backup text file
    *(Google Plus - Planned)

    Other features:
    *Backup your User Dictionary words on text file
    *Delete all words in User Dictionary

    PREMIUM version will let to learn an higher number of Facebook' statuses, tweets and mails than the free one. Discounted at 0.79

  2. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    Neat tech. Would love something like this when/if some really good audio hardware came out that supported Android (ie with very nice D2A and A2D dedicated sound chips). Howcome no MP3 support? Just curious.

    Also needs bigger screenshots ;)
  3. MarkII

    MarkII Member

    Mp3 recording will be implemented
  4. MarkII

    MarkII Member

    Version 1.2 added:

    -Send via email,bluetooth
    -Set as ringtone
    -List recordings ordered from last rec
    -Suggestions in menu
    -Fixed bug with chronometer
    -Fixed minor bugs
  5. MarkII

    MarkII Member

    Version 1.3 added in Market:
    -Added button recordings
    -Added Move to SD
    -Localized in English, German and Italian.
    -Bug fixes
  6. MarkII

    MarkII Member

    Added version 1.3.2:
    -Added beautiful transitions
    -Improved settings
    -Fixed bug with Honeycomb
    -Added premium icon
    -Fixed renaming place bug
  7. MarkII

    MarkII Member

    Added version 1.4:
    -Fixed high CPU usage
    -minor bugs

  8. MarkII

    MarkII Member

    -Added possibility to insert a new marker after the record
    -Added possibility to modify the position of an existing marker
  9. MarkII

    MarkII Member

    App updated to version 2.1:
    -Mp3 Realtime Compression
    -Graphic Restyle
  10. MarkII

    MarkII Member

    -Added Spanish, French and German translations
  11. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Well-Known Member

    Moved to App Announcements. =)
  12. MarkII

    MarkII Member

    -Optimized for v7a architecture
  13. MarkII

    MarkII Member

    -Delete all markers of a recording
    -Added fast Marker (without entering name)
  14. MarkII

    MarkII Member

  15. MarkII

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  16. Unforgiven

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  17. MarkII

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    User Dictionary Plus discounted at 0.79€ for limited time on Google Play
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