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App2SD and Boot loop

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  1. androidpaul

    androidpaul Member


    I got a message that my internal memory was full, so downloaded App2SD, transferred the apps I was allowed to now my phone constantly reboots itself with or without the SD card installed!

    Anyone know why and how this can be fixed? I'm on android 2.3.5.


  2. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    Honestly it is hard to see connection between phone random rebooting and App2SD...this one:


    This App is merely a more user-friendly GUI for Native Android manual Apps to SD......with the addition of a Notification when a D/L'ed App can be moved!!!!

    Any particular App trigger the re-boots, or is it totally random??

    Do you have custom recovery....

    if you have you could try "fix permissions" and clear "Dalvik Cache".....

    These functions can fix some issues like Apps Force Closing or random reboots!!!

    If you don't have Recovery like CWM....there ate Apps to perform same function.....just need to dig around to get info on those.

    Also, 2.3.5 is pretty old now....there should be an update available.....try Kies.
  3. androidpaul

    androidpaul Member

    I removed the SD card and it finally rebooted as normal but the apps had all gone so reset the phone via the internal option. All my apps are now back on the phone and the SD card just has my music.

    I get no update available either by OTA or using Kies.

    I still keeps having issues with sending SMS texts.

    I am used to updating phones and software using webOS, its simple to use and easy to repair if you had an issue. I keep seeing people tell others to use ODIN??? Where do I get a new updated version of the software that will also get rid of the 'Three' bloatware that came on the phone.

  4. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    Hi my friend...

    You need to go to XDA:


    ODIN stuff at above link.....

    Also, forum has Custom ROM's, Custom Recoveries, Rooting guides, and an active user-base....

    Also, CM9 [ICS] coming soon!!!!

    Can't understand your probes with SD card..... moving Apps us a built-in function in Android since Froyo 2.2..

    Is WebOS not dead. :p
  5. androidpaul

    androidpaul Member

    Sadly webOS is almost dead lol however I still prefer it's use on my TouchPad rather than the Xoom tablet, but for a phone I switched to Android only for the apps, the actual OS I still find it hard to get used to, it just doesn't flow for me, but with Matias Duarte at Google I am sure the Android OS will start to look much better and work like webOS soon enough :)

    Thanks for the links is it easy to install?

    Think it may be a dodgy SD card!
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  6. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    When you ask is it easy to install....do you mean ODIN???

    It is a Windoze App....so you need PC!!!

    If you have d/led Kies....you should have necessary drivers....

    Just connect phone after IDIN starts....low it to find device....

    And make sure you have "USB Debugging" checked.....opposite of Kies!!!!


    guys on rootzwiki are working hard with Android kernel source released by HP....

    from the Touch they had Android on....and were obliged to release!!!!

    You could upgrade that Touch you know!! :D
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