apparant degrading camera quality

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  1. sp000n

    sp000n New Member

    Anyone else noticed a degradation in the camera quality? After I bought the HTC desire a month ago, I took a few photos in sunny midday daylight with default settings which looked beautiful, probably the best camera phone quality Ive ever seen. But over the course of a month I've noticed an overall desaturation and overly bright photos taken in the same lighting conditions as the originals.

    In fact, scrolling through the camera shots folder, you can see the quality deminishing as you scroll towards more recent pics.

  2. Jammy

    Jammy Well-Known Member

    Could be the lens getting scratched?
  3. g4rvd4

    g4rvd4 Well-Known Member

    Check if some settings have been changed.. The camera remembers the settings you use.
  4. Pojken

    Pojken Well-Known Member

    I had to get a plastics polishing agent to buff out the scratches on my lens in order to take pictures again (that didn't have a "Vaseline on the lens" blur). Works just as good now.

  5. sp000n

    sp000n New Member

    Thanks, after taking the back cover off and squinting through the plastic lense I can see that Its obviously the scratches on the lenses causing it, netter get a new cover then.
  6. Pojken

    Pojken Well-Known Member

    New cover? Why go through that? Just get Displex (plastics polish) and make it smooth again. It worked for me and only costs a few bucks for more than enough to do a hundred phones. :)

  7. ukjets

    ukjets Well-Known Member

    I have noticed a few scratches appear on my camera lense, i have noticed i seem to have a habit for some stupid reason that whenever i pick the phone up ,without thinking about it, my finger always seems to land on the camera lens andi thnk this maybe the corse of my scratches.
  8. DesirableHTC

    DesirableHTC Well-Known Member

    send him some in the mail!! :D
  9. ukjets

    ukjets Well-Known Member

    I can't believe it, i have just sent htc a email about buying a replacement back cover because of the scratches to the lens, they have sent me a email back saying i will have to send the phone to them for repair which will take a week, how can that be right all i want is a replacement back cover.
  10. g4rvd4

    g4rvd4 Well-Known Member

    They might have thought you wanted a replacement for free... :D

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