apple 30-pin dock female connector to male micro usbSupport

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  1. outoffocus

    outoffocus Well-Known Member

    SendStation - Products - PocketDock Line Mini Out USB

    i googled around and found this one. male apple 30-pin to female mini usb..

    i'm looking for one the other way around and micro USB instead of mini USB. i also want it to pass through audio and power. asking too much? i'll settle for just power from adapter and then loop a mini-jack audio cable from N1 to the logitech audio dock.

    there must be many people like me out there with 'ipod audio docks' now looking to hook up a micro usb audio device? :cool:

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  2. goonerchamp

    goonerchamp New Member

  3. fwsfish

    fwsfish New Member

    I'm also looking for one. My car (2009 Infiniti fx) has Male Ipod plug. Need female to connect to that and mini usb male to connect to my Incredible. Someone must make one?!
  4. outoffocus

    outoffocus Well-Known Member

    3rd party solutions not gonna happen if there are only three of us. i'll venture a wild guess and say apple will not build one.. :rolleyes:

    for the techs out there; does the connector(s) spec allow for the possibility of audio pass through from the micro usb (phone) to the 30-pin apple connector audio dock so that the phone can get charged and play audio like an ipod/iphone?
  5. chris_nwb

    chris_nwb New Member

    Make that four of us.

    Has anyone found an elegant solution to allow Android phones to use iPhone audio docks?
  6. hunta

    hunta Well-Known Member

  7. ericlmccormick

    ericlmccormick Well-Known Member

    I've been searching the interwebs and found this CableJive: Universal Dock Converter
    the next step is to splice it into this
    DealExtreme: $4.46 3.5mm Audio + USB 5-Pin Charging Adapter for HTC P800/S1/Pro/Pro2/TD2/G2/3G/Diamond
    and you will have what you want(assuming the N1 uses a similar port to other HTC built devices, I uses an Eris). Personally too many wires and I think would look messy.
    I was thinking about buying an iphone dock, open it up, desolder the existing 30pin port and splice in one of the HTC compatible tips. All you need to do is use a voltmeter to find out which pins are ground and +5V and use a old audio cable to figure out which pins are for right and left.
  8. Talderon

    Talderon Well-Known Member

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  9. zabrak

    zabrak New Member

    Sixth ...

    Anyone had luck with the CableJive adapter that Earl mentioned? Seems like it's set up to use the standard-A USB male to miniUSB male cord that we all got with our phones, can't imagine why it wouldn't work, other than the typical proprietary tomfoolery surrounding Apple products.
  10. N30wolf

    N30wolf Member

  11. goonerchamp

    goonerchamp New Member

    does anyone know if it is possible to dock and play music through micro usb HTC desire - with out the use of the a headphone jack and aux socket - my aux socket on my philips ipod dock alarm clock is not working - thanks in advance
  12. outoffocus

    outoffocus Well-Known Member

    Anything off the shelf yet that someone has tried? Thanks!
  13. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    I forgot about this! Good work, but a bit ghetto!
  14. cred05

    cred05 Well-Known Member

  15. outoffocus

    outoffocus Well-Known Member

  16. glengarry

    glengarry Member

  17. riding123

    riding123 Member

    I have a BMW Interface for Ipod/Iphone no luck
    Bose No luck
    Ihome no luck

    on all three the power works after i put the 5v/3.5 Iphone adapter for the power on but this is not what i want. I can get power easier, not using an adapter on an adapter. But this i guess is more the Power issues on the Apple port . because to charge a 3 G or newer i need even than the adapter

    But Sound wise no luck at all. Cable Jive said full refund no problem, but i kept it just to play around and maybe open it up.
    There are some pins in the 30 pin connector who say USB and others straight AUX so i agree with Cable Jive it works on one and do not work ion the other...

    Still looking .....
  18. tallmctighe

    tallmctighe New Member

    I am looking at creating an adapter to put my Android phone into my Iphone base to play music and charge itself. I am curious if there was a product for $19.95, how many people would buy it.
  19. barbarazen

    barbarazen New Member

  20. linda7915

    linda7915 New Member

    I'm also looking for a way to use my Incredible with an IPOD dock...any luck, anyone?
  21. vapore0n

    vapore0n Active Member

    My guess is, not only do you need a ipod to usb converter, but you also need an android app to interpret the IOS specific commands from the audio device. This would then allow full integration.

    I'm surprised Google never though of forcing manufacturers to use a dock connector like apple. This would have spurred lots of new devices and support for android phones. Rather, we have each device manufacturer putting their own usb connector, each one being different for every phone :rolleyes:
  22. outoffocus

    outoffocus Well-Known Member

    Are you freaking kidding me? No offense, but the whole proprietary connector thing Apple (and others) have going on is ridicules. USB or other industry standards should be followed. Even by Apple... Thank you Google/HTC for getting it right.

    Now that people are migrating from their closed loop Apple systems they are stuck with all this audio kit and no way to connect non Apple audio devices to it. How crazy is it that we are more than a year on and still do not have Apple 30-pin to USB converters?

    Open systems and industry standards will rule (eventually). I'll get off my horse now. :D
  23. Speech

    Speech Member

    Yep, pretty sure it won't be as simple as just a plain connector - how many docks/car chargers etc are now no longer suitable for the newer generation iPods/iPhones?? I had a both a car charger and a pretty expensive (at the time) Altec Lansing portable dock for my iPod, when I plugged my iPhone 3GS in to either all I got was a "This accessory is not compatable with iPhone" message up. Apple push people down their own proprietry connector standard and can't even keep that from changing, way to suck more money out your consumer base though!

    This could be a reality sooner than you think. I'm pretty sure I read recently in a number of publications (including professional Engineering publications) that the EU was pushing for a standard connector and I believe a number of the big players have all signed up to standardise on micro USB.
    In fact, see here for some more info.
  24. dreyna

    dreyna New Member

    If you ever get a female 30-pin connector cable with a micro usb connector on the other side the only thing is gonna do is charge it, no audio or video will come out....
  25. glow11

    glow11 New Member

    The gym I attend has treadmills and elliptical machinnes, each one decked out with a 30 pin iphone power connector...It's hardwired out of the machine, no USB ports or nothing. I'm amazed that a company would produce $5000 machines with hardwired connectors for a product that has a 30% market share rather than just have a couple USB ports and support everyone.

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