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Apple to micro USB adapter for fm transmitter.

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  1. Detarevosipeels

    Detarevosipeels New Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 30, 2010
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    I looked all over the internet for a car charger and FM transmitter for the Droid incredible, or any micro usb device rather, and the only option I came across was a $40 charger/transmitter from Monster. I did, however, find a nice car dock/charger/transmitter on Amazon(link).

    From the reviews, it looks to be a pretty nice unit, but its made for the Apple iphone. I found female apple headers online and decided to make my own adapter as I could not find an Apple to micro USB adapter either.

    If this turns out to be successful, I was curious if any one else would be interested in an adapter for themselves (only the adapter not the FM transmitter)? The female Apple header is only a few dollars and I'm sure I can find Micro USB headers pretty cheap (I have a few lying around I'm going to decapitate for my project) so the cost wouldn't be more than $5 dollars + Shipping (a rough estimate).


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