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Application Data StorageSupport

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  1. findwaldo

    findwaldo Member

    Got the low space warning for the first time. Cleared Gmail data and it went away. As a result, I've been digging into this issue. I've cleared all but 15 MB of the app caches. However, I'm still only left with 16 MB free in the Application data storage partition. I don't use the social apps (facebook, twitter, etc.) and I don't use the HTC mail app (only use the gmail app). My contacts are only taking up 2.45mb...what am I missing? What could possibly be using the remaining 134 MB?

    Also, am I correct that there is no way to root a 2.3.4 phone? I'd love to get access to the data/data directory to clear it out!

  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    For some of the apps you also have to clear data, not just the cache. But 2.3.4 is rootable. There is a sticky in the root section.
  3. findwaldo

    findwaldo Member


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