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  1. urielp

    urielp Active Member


    I would like to install an application for viewing my friends on line location.

    I've tried Laitude, but at the moment, my friend view on this application is f-a-r away from his correct location/

    I have tried Life360 but this is updated for 4 hours ago.

    I am looking for an on line update.

    What is the best application for this?


  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    You're friends location cannot be known unless he/she has set it to do so.

    Latitude only updates when your friend opens Google Maps of checks into Google Plus. Life 360 updates only depending on how often your friend has set the app to update on hers. Basically, you can't get real time location on your friends, and that's kind of illegal isn't it? Kind of like stalking/spying on someone. Its a total breach of privacy.
  3. urielp

    urielp Active Member


    My friend already grant me permission on Latitude and on LIfe 360 (to enable view on 15 minutes update).

    However, in Latitude, the location is far away from the correct location.
    In Life360, the actual refresh rate is several hours.

    Any other suggested better applications?
  4. Cheverex

    Cheverex Guest

    That sounds like cell-tower triangulation, which is a half mile off on average. Is your friend's GPS on?

    With the free app Glympse, in the Market, you can let someone track you live on a map in a web browser by sending them a 'Glympse'. For a maximum of 4 hours (tap to extend).
    Or they could send you one.
  5. urielp

    urielp Active Member

    Yes - my friends GPS is on.
    What is the best application for on-line location update?

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