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  1. slime9

    slime9 New Member

    Hi, I found this forum through google search and I am just looking around for an application developer to work with. I have an idea for an application but I don't want to give it away to the public, so if anybody wants to work with me on this application, please PM me. Thanks.

  2. mdarkness

    mdarkness New Member

    im interested. i just made my own app for films. but ill be interested in helping pm me
  3. intaqt

    intaqt New Member

    i will see if i can help you with my skills
  4. android1112

    android1112 Member

    I'm interested. This could be a great opportunity. PM me and let's see how I can help you.:)
  5. Just so you know, ideas themselves are not often stolen. It takes a whole lot of time and energy and motivation to turn an app idea into an actual app. I wouldn't worry too much about your idea getting picked up by someone else. The idea didn't originate with them and it will likely not be as engaging to them in the long-run.

    It's kind of like "Inception". You can't make someone think about elephants for an extended amount of time just by telling them to do so. The idea wasn't their own and eventually they'll move on to think about other things.

    I am sure that your app idea is a good one. My advice is just not to waste a lot of time with NDA's and contracts when dealing with developers. They've got plenty of other ideas and most wouldn't bother to steal yours.

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