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Application Launche Stopped UnexpectedlySupport

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  1. kitkat23

    kitkat23 New Member

    Hi! I bought this Archos 7c home tablet, last saturday after downloading some apps, it just crashed, and the error message is application Launcher (process.com.android.launcher2) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. I already tried using the reset button, turned it off and on for several times but still its the same error. Please need your help... Anyone??

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  2. kitkat23

    kitkat23 New Member

    Hi... so many views:( but no answer yet.. anyone???
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  3. KUJ029

    KUJ029 Member

    you can ... if it gives you the option ... to either force close or wait try both and then if you can continue as 'normal'... uninstall the last app you installed as that maybe the 1 that is causing the problem
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  4. kitkat23

    kitkat23 New Member

    Thank u for the reply... I just brought it to the store back.. it's under warranty I'll let them fix it instead, everything was not responding:(
  5. tejasvee

    tejasvee New Member

    i am having the same problem can you help me to

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