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Support application process com.com2us.nipb2013.normal.freefull.google.global. Android.common unexpectedly

  1. nikkimerc

    nikkimerc New Member

    application process com.com2us.nipb2013.normal.freefull.google.global.Android.common has stopped unexpectedly. This is the error I am getting. I have cleared data, and installed then reinstalled application.... Still isn't working. Can anyone help me

  2. Naya Merai

    Naya Merai New Member

    I've been having this issue all day with my com2us games as well as having issues with the default weather app that came with my phone. Idk wth is up with things today, if its android or what, but I can't do anything I freaking want to today. Can't play my com2us games, and I can't freaking get my default weather app to work properly. I have an Lg My Touch E739(yes its a t-mobile phone, but obviously lg made it not t-mobile). Not to mention I also tried reinstalling on my Puzzle Family com2us game and now have to start all over on things since I reinstalled (it stayed open at one point, long enough for me to see that). is your default weather app that came with the phone also not working properly?

    Edit: My brother with the same exact freaking phone isn't having issues, i don't get it ugh

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