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Application shortcuts change to "Green Robot" icon

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  1. zooter

    zooter New Member


    Sorry i couldn't find this anywhere using search, so apologies if this has been posted before.

    I have a Micromax A57 (not rooted) and one thing i've noticed is that after a reboot, the icons of some of the applications on the difference screens revert to a "green robot" icon

    Any ideas why this happens? Seems that the only option is to delete this shortcut and create it again to get the correct icon. I'm talking about applications like "Skype", "Dolphin Browser" etc.

    Running Android Gingerbread. Also, it may affect some applications and not all, i.e. if there are 3 apps on 1 screen say "Skype", "Dolphin Browser" and "Twitter", only 2 of these can get changed to the green bot

    Any ideas and help?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Gaz15

    Gaz15 Member

    On my phone, any apps that I have saved to my SD card, there icons will change to a green robot when Im using it as a USB device or sometimes briefly when the phone first boots up. This normally changes back to normal when I turn it of USB mode or once the phones fully loaded up.
  3. zooter

    zooter New Member

    Thanks for your response, but in my case, the icon never changes back :( -- even a reboot does not solve the problem. Only solution i've found is to remove the icon and create the shortcut again
  4. zooter

    zooter New Member

    Additional info: I installed one more app last night and after a reboot, that icon too has become "green robot". Looks like whatever shortcuts I"m putting on my home screens is affected by this. I didn't see this problem with pre-installed apps (e.g. facebook which I put a shortcut on my home screen)

    Anybody come across this/have any ideas why this is?

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