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  1. skyb0y

    skyb0y Active Member

    Hi there i've started this thread in order to share some applications that we have installed on our P500.
    These are my applications:

    - mini info : shows details about ram,cpu,card,phone space, wifi,bluetooth,wireless etc
    - winamp : alternative to the android music player
    - x construct : a small game that allows the user to build bridges
    - team viewer : desktop remote control
    - sniper : small sniper game
    - robo defense : tower defence game
    - opera mobile : internet browser
    - yahoo messenger: chat software
    - Mafia wars : famous facebook game
    - lg application store: an alternative to android market
    - doodle jump : jump game
    - camera 360 : an software that allows to take pics using different effects
    - astro: file manager
    - advance task killer : task manager software
    - adobe reader : pdf reader

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  2. jainanshal

    jainanshal New Member

    Here's my list:

    Astro: File Manager
    Fancy Widget: Home Screen widget for Date and Weather
    Go Launcher: Home replacement
    Go SMS: SMS application
    Opera Mobile: Web Browser
    SMS Backup n Restore: SMS backup app
    AndroMax: Home Screen widget
    z4root & Superuser: Rooting
  3. skyb0y

    skyb0y Active Member

    what is andro max?
  4. JulyDerek

    JulyDerek Well-Known Member

    My Apps :-

    Google Goggles - Fun, visual search
    Barcode Scanner - Scan Bar codes/QR Codes
    PhotoFunia - Great App for Camera Fun
    Angry Birds - Awesome game
    Apps2sd - Transfer Apps to SD Card
    Bubble - Spirit level
    CamScanner - Scan documents with your Camera
    DropBox - Store documents in the Cloud, access from phone or any PC
    IMDd - Movies
    Indian Rail - Indian Rail info
    Speed Test - Test your connection speed
    Time Mobile - News
    TripAdvisor - Travel
    TuneinRadio - Internet Radios
    WarDrive - Wardriving
    Wapedia - Wiki on the Android
    Zedge - Wallpapers & Ringtones
    XE Currency - Currency calculator and realtime rates
    Elixir - Android system variables
    FxCamera - For Camera
    Google Sky Map -
    MP3 Music Download
    PicSay Pro - Picture editor (was so good I bought the Pro version)
    Ringdroid - Ringtone maker
    Rockplayer - Best Video player on the Android.
    Shootme - Takes screenshots of your Android without rooting
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  5. Jsalv

    Jsalv Member

    - lg application store where to get this app?
  6. nill0076

    nill0076 Active Member

    My favourites are...


    Air control lite
    Raging thunder 2
    Paper toss
    Bonsai blast
    Droid odissey


    Memory booster
    Opera mini
    Screen filter
    Astro file manager
    Chomp sms
    Juice defender
    SwiftKey keyboard

    There all are really nice applications. Please try it once.
  7. skyb0y

    skyb0y Active Member

  8. friendlykam87

    friendlykam87 New Member

    im looking for a good e reader app. which is better Aldiko or Kindle?
  9. Prateek Gupta

    Prateek Gupta Member

    Aldiko is referred to as the best ebook reader but has limited range of books. Kindle is good but books have to be purchased in order to read them. Other good ereaders are 'fbreader','moon+reader' and 'laputa'. I use Laputa and while it has books from public domain,blazer,gutenberg(common on other readers also), it has recently introduced a new category called 'avayewn' with amazing range of books including those which were recently turned into movies such as twilight and harry potter.
    Other option is to convert the ebooks(which you download online) into the .epub format using the software 'calibre' and then read them via 'aldiko'.
  10. farzi

    farzi Member

    best audio player for optimus???
  11. Prateek Gupta

    Prateek Gupta Member

    You can download alternative music player applications such as 'poweramp','mixzing','doubletwist','mortplayer','cubed','winamp' etc. I use 'poweramp'.
    It's main feature which makes it superior is its ability to play songs from folders directly as well as from playlists. Plenty of other customizations are also available. You can try the 'trial' version first.
  12. skyb0y

    skyb0y Active Member

    i've installed winamp. pretty damn cool :)
  13. ashishcw

    ashishcw Member

    Hello everybopdy,
    I am buying this phone in 2 days.
    Please help me with the doubts I am having.
    Here are the question on my mind

    1) Which is the best game for this phone as I am a gamer and loves to play games alot.

    2) Does it play Gangstar Miami Vindication HD without any lags? Anybody tried it?

    3) Can we transfer all of the messages(SMS/MMS/EMAIL) on SD card as I hate seeing the message pop up saying MESSAGE MEMORY FULL.

    4) Can we download Torrentz directly on it? If yes then which application?

    5) Can we also play files directly, i.e. For example I am downloading a Movie let say I AM LEGEND.avi from torrentz it's in .rar folder. Will I be able to extract and play directly in the phone? Or do I have to extract it in PC and then change the resolution and copy it on SD Card and play?

    6) I am having 3g connection. Can I use this phone as Wi-Fi Router to connect my laptop? How will be the performance?

    Please reply me guys as I am short of time and eagerly wants to buy this phone.

    Thanks in Advance.
  14. mycaermita

    mycaermita Well-Known Member

    My list:


    Action Potato, Angry Birds, Barrr, Doodle Jump, Farm Tower, Fish Food, Fruit Ninja, NFS Shift, Pocket God, Paper Toss, Sally's Spa, the Sims 3

    APPS: Ad Blocker Trial, eBuddy, Grallery, Home Switcher Pro, Yahoo Messenger, Omg!, Plume (Touiteur), Sketch Online

    All of these were downloaded in the market or were payed for. :)
  15. mycaermita

    mycaermita Well-Known Member

    1. It depends on what type of games you want. The Market usually has whatever type you can think of, but usually most of my games I had to buy for a few bucks like Need For Speed Shift, Homerun Battle 3D (I uninstalled it despite it being expensive 'cause it took too much space), the Sims 3 and Pocket God. But good games like Angry Birds, Fish Food, Paper Toss, Slice It etc can be found for free in the market! :D

    2. I tried downloading this in the net but it does have lags because you have to download a different software with it which doesn't suit me.

    3. No.

    4. Yes, you can. Torrent Funnel & Transdroid Torrent Search got good reviews and ratings. Why don't you try those?

    5. It doesn't play .avi files. Only DixV and MP4. You have to convert it first before you can play it.

    6. I don't know. Maybe. Look for an app in the market.
  16. B81

    B81 Active Member

    Launcher Pro - Great alternative "OS" which is also speeding up the scrolling
    Android Assistant - Task manager, battery widget, file manager and more...
    Traffic counter - counting 3G, wifi, calls, sms
    Screen Lock - Turning off your phone, not waiting for auto time out (saves energy)
    Dolphin browser mini
    Note everything - nice simple app for taking notes (write, voice and paint)
    Smooth calendar - Clean, simple calendar widget
    Sleep bot - Sleeping statistics and good alarm clock
    Google sky - real time animation of the star constelation etc.
    Wapedia - wikipedia app
    Applanet - a lot of free apps which are not free on the market

    And some games.
  17. ism09bk

    ism09bk Member

    Launcher Pro
    android status
    cnet news
    adobe reader
    angry birds (plus seasons)
    handcent sms
    india newspapers
    cricinfo mobicast
    team viewer
    titanium backup
    antisip Voip
    Eliot Stocker for music player (i tried btunes but this is more lite)

    plus stock apps like

    thinkfree office
    android market
    stock browser
  18. parveendabas

    parveendabas New Member

    From where to download these applications???
  19. atraum

    atraum Well-Known Member

    I just had to chime in on this one. If you are getting into eBooks this is an awesome combination. Aldiko for your droid and Calibre for your PC. Your options are almost endless.
  20. B81

    B81 Active Member

    2 new great apps:
    Runkeeper - training assitant with many functions and good support
    IGo - navigation
  21. parveendabas

    parveendabas New Member

    from which website?
  22. B81

    B81 Active Member

  23. FnH

    FnH Member

    So far I've downloaded

    Bar code scanner
    Advanced Task Killer
    Audi Manager
    Cache Cleaner
    Ringtones Free

    and some games :)
  24. stibbaman afro

    stibbaman afro Active Member

    Any one no where/when i can download gangstar miami vidication for the optimus 2x not rooted
  25. sumit s

    sumit s New Member

    Does guarantee or warranty remain applicable after rooting optimus one?

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