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  1. mwreaves

    mwreaves New Member

    Hello. I just bought a Samsung Gravity Smart phone and I love it so far. But I just recently started getting a message that the memory storage (not my SD storage) was getting close to being full. How can I uninstall some of the factory apps that already came with the phone? Some of the apps I really could care less for..just wondering. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks. By the way, I did buy it online on eBay and the person who sold it to me had reset it to the original factory settings. But I only have the phone and charger, nothing usb cords, or software. Did not know if that played a factor.

  2. BrownHP800

    BrownHP800 Member

    Well best thing you can do is root your phone, partition your SD card with a 512mb Linux ext2 partition, setup Link2SD and link apps to that partition. It will free up ALOT of memory on the phone. Once your phone is rooted you can delete apps or better yet get the update file that is on these message boards that have a lot of the unnecessary files removed already.

    Rooting is very simple and pretty safe on your phone. There are lots of posts and tutorials about it on the internet. You will need a USB cable to do this though. They sell them at Walmart.
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  3. poswimol

    poswimol Member

    This page pretty much solves that, it's a custom ROM for the Gravity Smart. It's really good -

    If you don't wanna install a custom ROM, you can delete stock apps with Titanium Backup, search it in the martket. It requires root access and you should be careful with uninstallng stock apps to avoid uninstalling something important. Hope this helps.
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  4. jrmdc

    jrmdc Member

    I have rooted my phone. Following along with various websites, I have installed Titanium Backup and backed up everything to the SD. Now what? Do I need to do the partition/link2sd procedure described here? Can't I just delete some unneeded apps (Facebook, AIM, whatever) If so, which tool do I use to delete those apps? Settings/Applications/Manage Applications? I can just remove them now? And if, perchance, down the road I want something back I can use Titanium and restore it off the SD? Are there any apps in particular that are especially worthwhile to remove, in order to regain memory? Just sort the list in descending size order and pick off ones at the top?

    Sorry for the ignorance.

  5. jrmdc

    jrmdc Member

    The saga continues. So the phone is rooted, Titanium is installed. We uninstall things and there is zero to minimal impact, availabe space in Settings hardly changes, internal memory available in Titanium hardly changes. (One wonders why those two numbers are different, albeing only by a few MB.) And we are not able to move any more apps to the SD card than before, which I thought was going to be an advantage of all this. What are we missing, please?

    One other question. How much fee memory are we "supposed" to have? Right now we have 55-57MB (the number varies depending on whether one looks at Settings or Titanium). Is that a lot, a little?
  6. cjablonski

    cjablonski Active Member

    55-57 is about as much as you can get without moving system apps to the SD card. It's what I have currently. I have only 42 free on mine and I don't run into any problems anymore. (Using Ahrtard's mod and Link2SD.)
  7. jillocity

    jillocity New Member

    so i should be able to google how to root the phone and partition the sd card? i really need to free up some memory...most apps i download go to the sd card but i can't get words with friends to go there and it's taking up a lot of memory. i tried "manage apps" but it doesn't give me the option of moving things to the sd google it is???
  8. KuraiKuroNeko

    KuraiKuroNeko New Member

    I have this same problem.
    My phone is rooted, and I was wondering if anyone had a link to the detailed guide for partitioning the SD card. The only thing I found on this site is here.
    Then again, I didn't look very thoroughly, and I am still a noob as far as android tweaking goes.

    edit: nm, I found what I was looking for here. 8D
  9. zeegyrl

    zeegyrl New Member

    I am having the same problem. I have tried to follow the steps outlined in various links but I am a techno ludite.

    Can some walk me through this like I was a 3 year old? What does 'rooted' mean in this context and how do I find out if my phone is 'rooted'.

    many thanks from an ex-apple
  10. asrlatinlove89

    asrlatinlove89 New Member

  11. CALIGIRL64

    CALIGIRL64 New Member

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