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Apps 2 SD on Motorola Charm

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  1. pbdwaj

    pbdwaj New Member

    I am looking on a solution on how to install Apps to my SD card without rooting my Motorola Charm.

    Please guide me asap.

  2. Gelasius

    Gelasius New Member

    You have to root your device to load apps on sd with a program like app2card v2.7.3
  3. thach

    thach New Member

    I can't find download apps2sd or the mentioned app...the search in the market yields no results. Anyone else have this problem?
  4. baba009

    baba009 New Member

    Here App2SD

    App2Card 2.4.4_20Sep.apk

    I have installed it but SD card in not mount when added. I shows mount extn2 failed :(

    Is any one tried it ?
  5. thach

    thach New Member

    I'm having the same issue as well.
  6. cpope09

    cpope09 Member

    i have done it once i able to post a screen shot i will share if you still wanna know!

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