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  1. jdubincx

    jdubincx Member

    I don't get why people are saying there is no need/reason for external memory 11gb is small! Android is now like a mini computer that supports graphic intensive gaming with titles like ;Mass effect,Nova,real racing even Ashphalt 6...those games are all over 1GB, some closer to 2GB. I upgraded from the note expecting to retain the move to sd card feature..had I known this I would not have bought the GS3..I really hope Samsung addresses this soon, cause I'm ready to sell. My internal memory is full and it's frustrating..I have 32gb of external storage for media only apps are on internal.

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  2. KupKrazy

    KupKrazy Well-Known Member

    Are you talking about the AT&T SG Galaxy Note? As far as I know, the "move to SD" feature in the Note merely moves the app from the "Internal Storage" to what is called "USB storage" which is just another storage area within the phone. It does not actually move apps to the physical micro SD card that you have in the Note. In fact, I don't know of any way to move my apps in my Note to the physical micro SD card.

    The only difference I see between the S3 and the Note in the way the memory is handled is that on the S3, the internal memory is no longer split up like the Note - and that it's just called "Device Memory". But in both devices, you were not able to actually move apps to the physical micro SD card.
  3. jdubincx

    jdubincx Member

    Having used alot of Galaxy devices this is how it works:
    With the Note and other previous and present android devices the move to SD card feature is used is save storage space in the internal memory. When an app is moved to the SD card the entire app is not moved but most of the app data, for example a large game that would have originally taken up 1GB of space would now take up around 35MB on the internal memory and the rest on the external memory card, thus saving alot of space in internal memory. There are some apps that cannot be transferred to external memory because of the requirements of the application. When an app with widget functionally is transferred using the move to SD feature the app looses it's ability to be used as a widget. Widgets require an app to be fully installed on internal memory to work. I have the GS3 international version.
  4. KupKrazy

    KupKrazy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the Android primer, but I fully understand how the move to SD feature is having owned a lot of HTC and Samsung Android devices. However, that is not how my Galaxy Note works. There is an 'internal storage' and there is a 'usb storage' - and both of them are part of the internal 16GB that is in my Galaxy Note. When you use the "move to SD" feature for apps that support it, it just moves the app from the internal storage to the usb storage (and as you said, leaving a smaller bit on the internal storage). Then there is the "SD Card" storage, which is the storage on your physical micro SD. There is no way to move the moveable apps to the micro SD card. You can only move them to the "usb storage" that is in the internal memory.

    The only way you can utilize the micro SD card storage is two ways - copy your files (music, etc.) to the micro SD card (which is accessible as the folder /external_sd) and access them using apps like Music Player, PDF Reader, etc. Or, a few apps will ask you if you want to save the data to your external SD card. That is the only way, at least on my Galaxy Note, to use the micro SD card that is inserted. You cannot move an app to the micro SD card.

    I have now have three phones that operate this way where you cannot move apps to the external micro SD card but really only use it as an archive for your files: The HTC Vivid, Samsung Galaxy Note, and now Samsung Galaxy S3 - all of them AT&T.

    Maybe it's just an AT&T thing.
  5. srbbell

    srbbell New Member

    Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I should just go ahead and get this out of the way real quick: I am a convert from iOS with the S3 being my first Android phone. So far I am loving the switch and am not looking back!

    I've been adapting to the OS over the past few days and things have been going well, however, there is one thing that has been bugging me - how do I move installed apps over to the 64GB micro SDXC card I have installed from the internal 16GB? I seem to recall from other users of Android phones that this is one of the great features of the OS. Seems rather odd to me that on this flagship phone, there is no native option to do so. I have downloaded a couple of apps from the Play Store to help me accomplish this, but neither of them were successful.

    Is there any way to do this on the S3? Could someone kindly point me in the right direction. Can I only do it if I root the phone? I'd rather hold off on rooting for a while as I'm still following the learning curve of Android, although I do plan on doing this sometime in the future.

    Thanks in advance for any help you may have! :)
  6. slopokdave

    slopokdave Active Member

  7. jdubincx

    jdubincx Member

    I have never used an AT&T/US variant of any android phone, so as you said it's probably an U.S thing. On my Galaxy Note (International Version), while the System Storage and USB storage is separated it comprises the total "internal Storage" When I refer to internal storage I mean the Total internal memory; USB + System Storage. I still however have the option of moving apps the SD card, If the card is removed apps on the SD card will not run. If the memory card is not inserted I will not be able to move an app from the "internal memory" to the SD card. Not having this feature really sucks for me, that's the reason I don't own apple products, in 2012 any manufacturer that purposely limits technology to make more money, will not get my money. Memory cards are cheap, I shouldn't have to pay hundreds of dollars more for the same device with more internal storage that's ridiculous in my opinion.

    My account is new, I just found this forum yesterday so I can't display embedded pictures yet, but you can see the following screen-shots form my Note, hope this clarifies what the users on this forum are experiencing.


    If you notice in the Screen-shot (export_03.png ) the phone displays "On SD card" at the top title bar, this can be confusing to some, this phone currently does not have an external SD card inserted,If I had inserted my SD card and I wanted to move an app to my external SD card, I would tap the Check box and it would now have a green check mark, as none of these apps are on the external SD(not inserted) they do not have a green check mark.
  8. srbbell

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  9. slopokdave

    slopokdave Active Member

    No idea, not my area. However, while I think it's possible that it can be made a reality it's possible it may not also. :) I had the Samsung Tab 2, the new version, with ICS and 8gb. It was the same; and 8gb after OS is about 4-6 usable space, barely anything. I took it back for this reason alone.
  10. Ernani1977

    Ernani1977 New Member

    Same here. I'm from Brazil and got mine this week. When i tryied to move apps that could be moved to sd, there was no option to do it. Even using apps like APPs2SD i had sucess, i got the same error said on this thread.

    I have friends with S2 and Note, using the same version of Android (4) and the can move apps normally.

    I think it is a problem related to all S3, i saw some other guys reporting the same problem around.
  11. mihqke

    mihqke Active Member

    Yes it's not working in GS3. I understood that it's because of memory management. I have heard that in 4.1 version it's turned off also.
  12. epiccon

    epiccon Member

    Cannot save apps to external sd on sg3 is a samsung thing the rep told me that they had blocked this facility to stop people copying apps and that it would not be changing he told me that he expected other manufacturers to follow you can store music photos etc but not apps they are however releasing the 32gig version(what a shock) i have a week left before my cooling off period to get to know this sg3and up to yet it seems to be no better than my galaxy note plus don, forget flash player is not installed it has to be downloaded from the play store which i have read are removing it after august the 15th as flash player will not be supported on future devices after android 4.0 however it seems to work fine on this sg3 up to yet but i think that with no expandable app memory and maybe the loss of flash player it could end up being an expensive iphone copy
  13. tyboo84

    tyboo84 New Member

    :):)Ok I think I solved moving items to sd.. You have to go to the app section, you should see my files. It will say sd storage and extsdcard. you have to copy or move the items from the sd storage to extsd card storage. After having the phone two weeks I finally figured it out. Once you have a file select copy then go to the extsd card select or create the folder you want and press done..:)
  14. tyboo84

    tyboo84 New Member

    Ok I think I solved moving items to sd.. You have to go to the app section, you should see my files. It will say sd storage and extsdcard. you have to copy or move the items from the sd storage to extsd card storage. After having the phone two weeks I finally figured it out.
  15. jdubincx

    jdubincx Member

    Are your apps running? I assume you mean to copy the file data for the app stored in data/Android and put it on the memory card but doesn't the app require a particular directory to run?
  16. BeLGaRaTh

    BeLGaRaTh New Member

    Apologies, I cannot find anything on the phone which resembles what you are saying/referring to there, can you give a more accurate description of where this place is to move files to external card? The S3 has become a bane of my life since purchase on day of launch due to this! The S2 and S1 never had this issue at all :(
  17. blastermaster

    blastermaster New Member

    grrr I had no idea apps2sd has been removed... didnt try a sd card yet. not happy about this at all with the size many high end games are getting to be :( .

    can this be hacked with root?
  18. bearballz

    bearballz Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    Quick question, my GF bought a 16gb GSIII and she has a 32gb SD card. While I was setting the phone up I noticed you can't move apps to the SD card . I installed a couple of file transfer apps (App2SD etc.) and nothing has worked.

    Forgive me if this subject has been brought at nausea but is this the case or I'm I missing something? I find it vexing that Samsung/Google would include a card slot and then prohibit users from using that storage.

  19. Meluto

    Meluto New Member

    Yes, with S3 can be done, kinda the "Brute Force" way. Simply copy all your internal memory to your sd, either from the File Manager in the phone or from the PC when you connect it to it. Eventually some apps may re-create a folder in the internal memory others will work directly from sd (maybe some will not, i.e Swithkey had to download again the languaje packm but it works from the sd card). But at the end you can free a lot of space this way
  20. Minimike

    Minimike Well-Known Member

    This is an ICS thing (Google.) You can send picure and videos to the SD card, but not apps.
  21. tcope

    tcope Well-Known Member

  22. 21plays

    21plays Member

    root and then you can
  23. andgoogle

    andgoogle Member

    This is why people think iOS is so simple...:p

    Never mind simplicity, android is much more sophisticated and more powerful when customised.
  24. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    If you have rooted s3 you can use link2SD for move all apps(movable and immovable and widget app) to SD card. After move Widgets app to SD they work.
  25. Jaxx89

    Jaxx89 Active Member

    Links2SD looks good. Dont wanna root tho. Will wait and see if Samsung fixes this.
    btw, isnt there another app called DirectoryBind for root users for doing this??

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