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  1. residualfail

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    I've been using a droid eris for a couple of months now and have loved the experience so far. Unfortunately, the honeymoon is over and I've been trying to do some productive things with it (outside of playing Robo Defense that is =p).

    I've been having problems opening different types of documents. My two biggest problems are with Quickoffice and PDF Viewer.

    When I launch Quickoffice, I get the "Open file" window which takes a few seconds to load and a few files begin to populate in the list. After just a couple of seconds, I get a force close message stating:


    The application Quickoffice (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again"

    This same thing happens with the PDF Viewer as well.

    However, I can use a file manager like Linda Manager to browse to a specific file and then open it within the program just fine.

    I honestly don't know where to start or what info you need to help. Your help will be appreciated greatly.

    Let me know!

  2. (G)

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    It almost sounds to me like the files are corrupted.

    You can try Documents to Go. It will read Word docs, Powerpoints, PDFs, and Excel spreadsheets, and is free. Their PAID version lets you also WRITE those types of documents, which are compatible with Office on a computer.
  3. residualfail

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    Which files do you think are corrupted? Like I said before, the apps themselves work fine if I launch individual files using a file manager and run them. But when I open the application the "Open Files" dialog is crashing. I know this could be attributed to corrupt user files (i.e. my spreadsheets\pdf's) but why would they open fine if I manually browse to the file and open it.

    Are there any logs I can review (or post) that would help? And where would they be?
  4. residualfail

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    Sorry to do this but...bump.

    If someone could point me to some sort of related error log that would be really appreciated.

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