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  1. sergeantcookie

    sergeantcookie Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, woke up this morning late for work, due to not hearing my alarm. Looked at my phone and everything had 'stopped working', including my alarm clock . Switched my phone off and back on and noticed most of my apps missing from the homepages and the ones that are displayed only have pictures of the android monster thing. Went through my menu and every app is greyed out with a picture of an SD card in the top right corner and when I click on them it says that 'application is not installed on your phone'. I took the battery out and the sim card, I don't have an SD card??.

    I can't access the play store as it is no longer there.

    Please help, I have no idea what has happened

    Many thanks

  2. sergeantcookie

    sergeantcookie Well-Known Member

  3. kelis32

    kelis32 Well-Known Member

    Are the missing apps on your sd card ? reboot the phone and watch how long it takes media scanner to complete
  4. Festa

    Festa New Member

    I have had exactly the same issue as you on and off for months, my phone is going back to Samsung for its 3rd time of repair because of it.
    They don`t seem to know what the problem is from what i can gather, all they do is re-flash the firmware and hope it fixes the problem.
    Hope you have better luck than me in finding a permanent fix.
  5. sergeantcookie

    sergeantcookie Well-Known Member

    Its the first time its happened. but not the first issue. It used to keep switching off for no reason atall. Hopefully it wont repeat what it did last night.
  6. Festa

    Festa New Member

    hmm, now you sound like you have my phones twin.
    Random re-starts for no reason at all, even when just left on a table untouched for a long time?
    I use the battery %monitor and it can show 80% then all of a sudden it will tell me to plug in a charger then go back up to maybe 50% on its own or even in special cases just beep to tell me it needs charging then just turn off.
    It can not be the battery as it has been replaced by Samsung with a new one 3 weeks ago.
    May I suggest before the phone drives you insane get in contact with samsung so they can look at it.
  7. sergeantcookie

    sergeantcookie Well-Known Member

    Yes mine will freeze so i will restart it and all of a sudden the battery is on like 12% even though just 2 mins before it was say 70-80+. Then it will slowly work its way back up
  8. reeven

    reeven Member

    Try this, uninstall any app, install it again, if you have one installed on SD even better.
    Just like on ios, also Linux something broke all apps or a lot of them, and uninstall any app and install again fixed this.

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