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  1. horsage

    horsage New Member

    Hi, sorry to quote this old matter, maybe many have forgotten.
    I had this problem for a very long time and still couldn't solve it.

    I have a motorola Atrix, I have tried with stock gingerbread (motoblur), cm7 and other motoblur modded roms. Also tried changing many launchers.

    I have (let's call it) an apps/system partition (1.97gb),
    then i have an internal memory partition, called SD Card (16gb)
    and last i have the microsd card called external card (16gb)

    When i install apps from google play they randomly install themselves in the system partition or automatically in the sd card as you mentioned in the first post.

    when connecting to PC or rebooting (so when storages are unmounted) some apps disappear when mounting back.

    I don't have very clear your explanation about moving the android secure folder from where to where.


  2. RoboCuz

    RoboCuz Well-Known Member

    This problem and solution is VERY specific to an update on the Droid Incredible, and I don't believe it is relevant to your Motorola. Sorry, and good luck.


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