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  1. Sigalas

    Sigalas New Member

    why could this happen? all the apps or games i install the phone is not using the SD to install all apps there! my memory got full very quick and i cannot find anything to change the destiantion folder for that!

    anyone knows anything?

  2. Sorry for the late reply... This board is pretty dead. Even if you have a Flipout, you're better off posting in the general forum and say in the topic which phone you have.

    As for your question, apps are not installed in the Micro SD card by default, they take up the phone internal memory (flipout's is 150MB if i recall correctly, and that's very little, considering the rooted apps, you have only about 50MB to use on apps).
    Being so, you have to download an app from the market to install them on the SD.

    Hoped it helps.

    BTW, could you maybe help me with my problem?

    Appreciate it
  3. giyna

    giyna Member

    Root your phone with Universal Androot and install Link2SD to change the installed apps to SD. I have a Flipout and works great.

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