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  1. 4G Rookie

    4G Rookie New Member

    Hello to everybody...Am new with Androids....checking around to see if anyone knows of apps that would set off full flashing screen for incoming messages such as email and sms...:)....the LED notification is so tiny and I can't always keep my SK4G within 1 feet. I used Message Sentinel Pro on my previous SK and it had served me very well...thank you in advance for any help

  2. grrgoyl

    grrgoyl Well-Known Member

    I've been trying to find one myself for my Galaxy S. I want one with a repeating notification, since obviously just one alert isn't terribly helpful. A lot of them are hit or miss, but currently I've got Flash Notify Free in there, but that only works for SMS and missed calls, not mail (I've just about given up on a mail one). It will flash your screen, and seems to be the only one that will allow intervals between flashes of less than 1 minute. I've tried just about every (free) one on the market and it's really hard to find one that makes me totally happy.

    Good luck!

    Edit: If you want just one flash, both Handcent and GO Launcher Pro (both free) will provide pop-up screens for SMS. For just this function using a lot less space, I'm using SMS Popup. Will pop up an SMS onto whatever screen you're using, just no repeating alerts.
  3. tatiro43

    tatiro43 Member

    Try NoLED in the Android Market. 4.5 out of 5 stars and FREE
    I used to have it on my Samsung Galaxy S and LG G2x. Neither came with notification/LED lights.
    Very easy to customize. You choose the size and color of icons. Each icon lets you know what you received (a received message is a little neon envelope) and you can also choose which notifications to see or not.

  4. liran55

    liran55 New Member

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