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Apps have no internet connection on secured wifiSupport

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  1. Ridi

    Ridi New Member


    After a long time of fiddling around I've managed to connect to my university's wifi network.

    However the wifi only works in the web browser, and not in any applications that use an internet connection. The connection is through a proxy server and also requires you to log in with your student account.. the prompt appears for your login details when using the web browser (it seems to save them, I haven't had to input them more than once), so I'm kind of thinking that anything else is unable to connect because it doesn't know the login details and doesn't prompt for them either.

    e.g. the YouTube application, any Twitter applications, the downloader application (that is opened whenever you try to download something from within the web browser) all have no connection and won't function, but the web browser is perfectly fine.

    I haven't had any problems when I'm on my (non-account locked, unproxied) home network. This is on a version 2.1 Samsung Apollo.

  2. dylo22

    dylo22 Well-Known Member

    what about connecting to you university wifi through a laptop?

    It should like the proxy you're going through have some sort of filter that only allows http (port 80) traffic.
  3. trigger96

    trigger96 New Member

    I'm having similar issues with my Samsung Android and its been almost a month now. Most apps will not function for failure to connect with the internet, email links will not function and http files on email do not open. The browser will normally function well but lately has started having trouble connecting online.
  4. Tigsteroonie

    Tigsteroonie Member

    When faced with a proxy situation, I've sometimes found that using the browser to login to the proxy, and only then starting the required app (eg Youtube) sometimes works.

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