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  1. Pallabi0509

    Pallabi0509 New Member

    Hello guys... recently i moved all my apps to sd card. Den i updated mobile software. But now i can not see those apps on my phn. But the sd card is full, which means apps r dwr in sd card. Is der a way by which i can install or restore those apps again??

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    That depends on your definition of "moved". If you used an app to move them, it leaves a link to them in internal storage. If you install new firmware it destroys the links, so the apps aren't where the phone is looking for them (because it's looking for the links).

    If you manually copied files to the SD crd, they should still be there.

    If you backed the apps up to the SD card, the backup progrm should be able to find them and restore them.
  3. luwang12

    luwang12 New Member

    i cannot see android folder on my sd "card." my phone is galexy grand 2." how to creat android folder to sd "card."

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