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  1. Bexy

    Bexy Well-Known Member

    So my partner got a HTC One just over a week ago.

    A few days after using it, she kept getting messages saying such and such an app had stopped working and was given the option to report it. It wasnt just one specific app or a dodgy app, messages have stopped working, eBay and other stuff and when she clicks report, whatever service/app reports it also stops working.

    The phone has been reset back to factory (whether intentionally or by itself we're not sure - she was trying to back it up so was in the back up settings but, apparently not in restore but, it reset it self anyway).

    She has less apps on now and only the basics, ie eBay might be the only app and she still has the same problem.

    Also, when she charged it the other day, it ended up draining the battery. It'd been on charge about an hour, we were about to go to bed so she unplugged it, to find the battery was now down to like 3%. It has been charged since then but, it does seem a bit awkward.

    Shes charging it now and it randomly started making a beeping noise - like 3 consecutive beeps, a second or less apart, then like 2 seconds silence and then the 3 beeps again. Unplugged it and it still beeped twice again after unplugging. Now has it out the case but, she said it doesnt look like its charging anyway.
    Forgetting about the other stuff, I'm now being asked "whys my phone beeping?" so I'm trying to find out but, thought I'd mention the other stuff too.

    On a side note, she sold her previous phone because she found it slow but, the final straw was it had 50% battery before we went to bed, when we woke up the phone was completely off, battery had drained completely and when it was charged and turned on, it had reset it self back to factory. Am wondering if there's a problem with her Google account, is that a possibility? Like I say, she doesnt think she went to the restore setting on the HTC One, only the backup section.

  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

  3. Bexy

    Bexy Well-Known Member

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  4. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    is this phone new? or second hand? a refurbished phone from the carrier?

    is it rooted?

    hard to imagine these issues are on an out of the box factory fresh device, no mater which phone, in just over a week of using it!
  5. Bexy

    Bexy Well-Known Member

    It was bought from a store in the UK called CEX who mostly deal in second hand goods but, it was an A grade phone which means it was brand new and they tested it before selling. I was told this phone was sealed when it was brought in which ties in with what I've been told before, they cant sell "new" goods so they have A grade for that, where as used but in perfect condition is B - and even then they'll want to give you C grade for it when you try and take it in!

    It's not rooted.
    I didnt get chance to reset it back to factory yesterday but, my partners handed me the phone this morning and I was told to try the email app. Stopped working, then UDove stopped working. Every single app I tried stopped working. Have restarted the phone for now and everything works again but, no shouldn't be happening. Now I've got a spare 10 mins I'm going to reset it fully but, it can take a while before it starts acting up again.

    Have been told from the store that likewise a new device shouldnt be doing this, if I can get it to replicate the problem in store they'll exchange it. Only problem with that is, it does it when it wants and could be hours before it starts doing it :(.

    Havent had more beeping yet though! Lol.
  6. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    how do you know its NOT rooted? how do you know its not a used device? this shops' dealing sound a bit shady based on your post.

    I am sorry but new devices do not behave this way. to factory reset the device, its in the software menu in the settings page. scroll down to security i think (going from memory) and you have an option to factory reset.

    however, I would suggest you take it back to the shop and get a new device, assuming you still have a grace period and get you money back and go elsewhere.

    given their reluctance to help you, you should just ask your money back. its clear to me this phone is not brand new sealed when you got it and it sounds like a bad rom is on the device, or some wonky virus or its has some internal damage.

    bottom line; if the phone does not behave properly after a factory reset, its defective period and should be exchanged. there is nothing people over the internet can do to help you as we will be just going down a rabbit hole into the abyss :p and without having the device in hand to test, it could be anything causing the problems you are experiencing.
  7. Bexy

    Bexy Well-Known Member

    I know it's not rooted because I downloaded an app to test. I've had many dealings with the shop in question. When you take a sealed device in to them they give you money for it, cash or store credit. All sealed devices, discs etc are opened by them, devices are tested. A Grade means it was brand new when it went into their store before they tested it. I only buy A grade devices from them, never had a problem before and have bought and sold many items to them. So no, you're right when I bought it, it wasn't sealed because they have to test every device they sell.

    It comes with a 12 month warranty, I have been in contact with them, they've told me to go in store and if they can see the problem replicated they will exchange the device, pretty standard for any store really, you gave to show them it's faulty.

    Battery is draining pretty quickly so should be able to replicate one problem to them when we go in to the store tomorrow.
  8. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    whats standard is if you have a grace period and the phone is defective, in this case this one seems to be based on your comments, standard practice for most is to simply take the phone back and exchange it or get a refund. you should not have any of these issues you are describing on a new out of the box untouched device.

    the shop sounds seedy to me based on what you wrote, and i can only go on what you wrote so its just speculation on my part. clearly you have a relationship with the shop so thats all that matters.

    still though, the customer is always right and if they want you to jump through hoops and try and prove something, that's not good customer service. I mean you have better things to do than to make false claims about issues with a "new" device, no? ;)

    bottom line, not much anyone can do to help you over the internet. if a factory reset doesn't work, i strongly suggest you take it back for a refund. dont get suckered into a faulty device. ;)
  9. heat57

    heat57 Well-Known Member

    Hi, whatever issue you have with the phone, if you have only unpacked and set up the phone without any changes to the phone's operating system and not damaged it in any way then just take it back to CEX as they will have to repair it or give you your money back, or exchange it, since they provide a 12 month warranty with every sale and they advertise their products as being fully checked before being offered for sale.

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