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  1. wattershed

    wattershed Member

    Watching Taskiller, I've seen that programs I close continually reopen.

    My first thought was 'oh, I have them set to sync, I'll turn that off' so I disabled all syncing items on the phone - went through every menu and every setting and submenu to ensure there wasn't anything calling up a program I didn't need running.

    That said, many of the programs I randomly see when going into Taskiller are things like Sprint Navigation, Moxier Mail, Messaging, NFL Mobile Live, Sprint TV, the Weather Channel app, and Calendar.

    If I've turned off syncing, things like Moxier Mail and Calendar shouldn't be opening - and the rest of the items up there DEFINITELY shouldn't be automatically reopening, sucking up my memory and (presumably) my battery.

    My fiancee and I each got Moments on Tuesday, each love them, but we're each seeing these rogue programs continually restarting and while she's not meticulous and crazy about it, it's driving me nuts.

    I grabbed Startup Auditor, but aside from that not even working from a warm reboot, it restarted itself repeatedly and that led to a quick uninstallation...not to mention that these programs weren't just starting on boot, but randomly appearing in my open apps list in Taskiller at various times I'd check it during the day.

    First, I'm assuming we're not alone in seeing this issue, right?

    Second, what the HELL can I do to stop these things from starting? I absolutely do NOT NEED the Weather Channel app to start up - I live in San Diego, damnit, it's gonna be 70 and partly cloudy!

  2. AZSports

    AZSports New Member

    Same thing happening to me. Weird, random apps starting up on their own, even after I've closed them with task killer.
  3. kayawire

    kayawire Well-Known Member

    If you read the FAQ in the Taskiller menu settings, the author attempts to clarify your concerns...I don't use it any more so I forgot some of the reasons, but definitely check it out;)
  4. wattershed

    wattershed Member

    All the FAQ says to my concerns is "Because android run apps when some events occurs. Like wifi on, sms receive, network change...."

    I'm seeing these programs running when there's nothing happening on the phone, not to mention that apps like NFL Mobile and Sprint TV really have no reason to open up because they don't have notification-type things set up in them.
  5. mikl_z

    mikl_z New Member

    I had the same issue. I just purchased an EVO bout 2 wks ago so I apologize if I am a bit too late. You may have already figured this out yourself but I didnt want to pass up sharing qualitative info. The problem is is that we all were putting faith into Task Killer. Should kill the tasks right? B.S. Go into: settings<applications<running services. This will show you a list of all running processes, kinda like task manager for M$. Scroll to said annoyance and simply touch to permanantly terminate process until YOU restart the app. I used to have Fring and Qik and MSN and SPRINT shiza start running the second i "killed" it with Task Killer. No Mas problema!

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. Yes, it is another warm and sunny day in San Diego!
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