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  1. webmanoffesto

    webmanoffesto Active Member

    I'm using "AppBrain App Market". I have installed a bunch of apps, but some get stuck and just stay in "Downloading" state. They just never finish downloading. I see the progress bar "barbershop pole" style but there is no sign of progress. Some are new installations, some are updates.

    This is despite the fact that some apps HAVE successfully downloaded and installed. What could the problem be? How do I resolve this?

    Cancelling the download and restarting the download resolved the problem once. (Downloads / click on neverending download item, Cancel Download)

    But if the button series is (Downloads / click on neverending download item, *Installing*). Then the Installing button is greyed out then I'm stuck.

    This thread did not provide any solutions:

  2. Subluka

    Subluka Member

    Two thoughts. If you mean on the status bar, I have had the status bar get stuck in 'downloading' state, but the apps still come down ok. Don't know if that is the same issue or not, but double check they didn't get down behind your back despite what the status bar says.

    If you mean while in Appbrain, I find that program a bit buggy and it can either hang or conk out.

    Have you tried "fast web installer" on appbrain? Works well for me, and bypasses the appbrain app.
  3. webmanoffesto

    webmanoffesto Active Member

    I did a lot of Cancel download, re-download, install. Right now the only "stuck install" is Vignette Demo, which I guess is an update of an installed program.
  4. stinkyadv

    stinkyadv Member

    My phone is a stock D1 that has been trying to install shazam for 2 weeks now. Ive tried everything except hard reset.
  5. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Go to settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Market (you might have to click on the "All" tab to find Market) and select "Clear Data" then reopen the market app.
  6. [fade]

    [fade] Active Member

    I have Instant Heart Rate which is "installing" couple of weeks now.
    Tried to clear data, clear cache, reboot, the damn thing is still there, and cant cancel the download.
    Any idea?
  7. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Sorry, no. It seems as if the app is misbehaving still after you've tried to clear the data, a hard reset may be the only cure.

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