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Apps on to MicroSDSupport

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  1. djand

    djand Active Member

    OK i hope im being dim here but iv filled my 16Gb internal store up with apps and the likes and wanted to free space by moving some apps over to the microSD like iv done many times on my android phones but in apps manager there is no options to move to SD - iv tried doing it manually through myfile as a cut and paste and that dont work either? surely im doing something wrong as whats the point in expansion if you can use it?

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Apps should not be moved to SD, other content should be.

    I cannot imagine filling up 16GB with just apps.

    P.S. Use Storage Analyzer to see what takes up all the space.
  3. djand

    djand Active Member

    I have the 16Gb version. although only 11.66 of total space is usable as i guess rest is for system. I used 7gig for apps - mostly for games such as shawdowgun, backstab, modern combat 3 Etc which are massive game files. The rest i use for my uni studies as I markup study books with s-note and back up with downsysc/box.

    not sure why you cant move apps to SD as thats what android phones do? I cant move my uni files to the MicroSD as dropsync does not see it as a source folder otherwise I would do it that way.

    just seems the expansion is not as good as I was hoping- guess il have to delete some apps
  4. djand

    djand Active Member

    scrap that - just found the root to put the dropsync on to the microSD so I can store all my work on that now and it will open up another 2gig - still a shame the apps cant be moved over -
  5. Bexy

    Bexy Well-Known Member

    It is a shame, something I found disappointing with the S3 as well but, once I made sure the camera wasn't storing to the internal memory and moved what music I did have to the memory card, I had enough room again. Some apps are very large though. I ended up deleting Batman for example as I rarely play it and it takes up 2GB of space :|.
  6. djand

    djand Active Member

    Ye some games (gameloft mostly ) take up loads of space which is a shame, just glad i got my son the Nexus 7 32Gb for xmas now. seems daft you cant run them off the external card like i can on my HTC phone. iv just moved the dropsync folder to the external card which has free'd up about 2gig which has helped mater - and like you iv put the photo destination to external too - not that i take many on the tablet mind but all helps lol

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