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  1. Alifabyan

    Alifabyan New Member

    I have an Optimus Me. What concerns me is that there seem to be Apps running in background even when I havent clicked on them, especially Gmail and messages. I keep having to go to Apps manager to stop them as am worried that it is coming of my usage allowance per month.
    Though can't understand if they would take messaging from your web allowance. Anyone have any ideas about this?

  2. macnifico

    macnifico New Member

    Darn thing is driving me crazy...
    Even if I kill all apps running in the background, they come up again...
    And why does Windows Live is always running if I never use their Messenger?

    I need a way to run what I want to run, not what the phone thinks I should run. I come from the BB world, this is my first Android phone, and I don't find it very logical.
    Does anyone recommend some reading so I can understand the OS a little better?
  3. Hexx

    Hexx Well-Known Member


    If you have syncing enabled killing gmail will only get rid of it temporarily. The next time it syncs, the gmail process will be started again. Best thing to do is to either:

    Bring down the notification window, click Quick Settings and ensure Mobile Networks is switched off.


    From your home screen tap the menu button. Go in to settings -> Accounts & Sync and disable the account you don't want to sync, or switch off the background and auto syncing.

    Hope that helps.

  4. ygnig

    ygnig New Member

    hello i already did what you have instructed,but the apps are still there.i have the same problem as they have pls help should i go to the service center thanks!
  5. maneff

    maneff Member

    This is because some apps send/receive information from the net periodically (like do you have new mails, new updates and so...).
    The things you can do is to manually enter all the apps you don't like to be running, go to options and disable all SYNCing options and unsubscribe.
    Also if you don't use some app (like me f@cebook and tw3tter) you can uninstall them and never see em again :>
  6. slyce

    slyce New Member

    I share the same point of view as macnifico; i want to run what i want to run, not what the phone thinks I should run.

    I understand that some apps need to run in the background; but what concerns me is that certain games are autostarting, like Nova, Uno, GunsNGlory WW2... What do they need to send/receive information for?...

    Sometimes I feel like i'm paying 80$ a month to be fed ads and have my privacy taken away from me.

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