Apps Safely Removed from XPRT 2.2 Froyo

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  1. KarlHungus702

    KarlHungus702 New Member

    I successfully used the SuperOneClick root method on my XPRT:

    System version: Version.4.1.15.MB612.Sprint.en.US
    Android version: 2.2.2

    You can find the SuperOneClick method outlined elsewhere in the XPRT Forum.

    After root, I then used Titanium Backup to 1.CLEAR DATA and 2.UN-INSTALL the following (mostly Sprint) apps with no resulting issues:

    Android Live Wallpapers 2.2.2
    Bluetooth Share 2.2.2
    Books 1.2.2
    Calculator 2.2.2 (I use RealCalc...) 2.2.1
    com.sprint.internal 1.0
    Live Wallpaper Picker 2.2.2
    Music Visualization Wallpapers 2.2.2
    Nascar 2.2.76
    News & Weather 1.3.03 (I don't care about the weather, it's Vegas...)
    News 2.2.2
    Print to Retail 1.0
    Sprint Football Live 2.2.76
    Sprint Mobile Wallet 1.4
    Sprint Music Plus 4.1.31
    Sprint Radio
    Sprint TV & More 3.3.12-141385
    Sprint Worldwide 1.0
    Sprint Zone SZ_2.5.11
    Talk 1.3
    TeleNav GPS Navigator 6.2.6201435
    Weather 2.2.2[/B]


    Social Messaging 2.2.2
    Social Messaging Service 2.2.2
    Social Networking 2.2.2
    Social Sharing 2.2.2
    Social Status 2.2.2
    Social Messaging 2.2.2

    I also deleted the Sprint boot animation and sound (from the /system/media folder, using Root Explorer. This leaves the stock Android splash screen after Motorola splash)

    You can also use a free .MP3 to .OGG converter from the web to convert your .MP3's to .OGG format, put them on your mem card, then use Root Explorer to drop them into the /system/media/audio/ringtones or /system/media/audio/notifications folders to "embed" your ringtones & notifications in the system files rather than on the mem card...I just like to do this for some reason...


    1. Root your phone using the SuperOneClick method
    2. Use Root Explorer to navigate to /system/media/audio/ui
    3. Click "Mount R/W" to mount the folder to Read/Write.
    4. Locate and long-press to delete "camera_click.ogg" (or rename "camera_click(old).ogg" if you might restore it later)
    5. Locate and long-press to delete "VideoRecord.ogg" (or rename it "VideoRecord(old).ogg" if you might restore it later)
    6. Click "Mount R/O" to remount the folder as Read Only.
    7. Reboot the phone.
    8. Done! :)


    --Karl Hungus in the 702

    PS -- If anyone has loaded a custom Recovery (ClockworkMod, Amon RA, etc.) please post a reply...I'm coming from the HTC Evo, so I'm still learning my way around this Motorola stuff and haven't pulled the trigger on trying any Recovery yet. Thanks! :)

    PSS -- Anyone know how to clear the Dalvik Cache on the XPRT? Please post a reply. Thanks! :)

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  2. joeozuna4u

    joeozuna4u New Member

    Do you have a back up for all your removed apps? i deleted mine without backing up any of them and now i need to return this phone back to sprint :(..
  3. Gamingguyx

    Gamingguyx Active Member

    I've not yet had a chance to install any custom ROM's but have you deleted any other bloatware lately? I'm mostly wondering if I can delete this Yahoo contacts and the pre-installed 3G Mobile Hotspot.

    This phone is pretty darn fantastic, came from the Samsung Transform and that was a solid POS.

    Anyway, just rooted through SuperOneClick and got rid of most the Sprint bloat but can't seem to delete the Sprint startup animation. Not a big deal.

    Anyone have suggestions on what else can be deleted safely?
  4. FPS Bloodline

    FPS Bloodline New Member

    just rooted my phone now and removed some of the above mentioned apps with titanium backup

    was wondering if anyone has found a rom for the XPRT

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