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Apps say moved to sd card, but not thereSupport

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  1. mamaruth

    mamaruth Member

    I went to use an app and it told me it had been moved to my sd card, but when I go to manage apps, it says it's not installed. All I did was plug in my charger last night! Any idea what caused this and how I stop it from happening again? I've lost about 10 apps & games combined.

  2. rogerwright

    rogerwright New Member

    Hi, I am Roger Wright and I just bought a samsung infuse
  3. rogerwright

    rogerwright New Member

    I just used your settings for straight talk, and I now have an Straight talk APN selected, but I still have no internet connection. Is there a way to delete the T-Mobile APN that is still there unselected, or is there another solution to this with the MMS settings? You said to leave everything blank after MMS port 80, but the MCC already had 310, and the MNC had 260 is that correct to just leave them like I did? Any help on this would be appreciated, thanks.

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