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    Hi, I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and I got a 64GB Micro SD card to go with it. After sliding my card into the device everything read and worked fine. I moved all my music onto it and the Play Music app read it and indexed it just fine. Then I went to go move some of my bigger apps (games) to the SD card. I went to Settings, App Manager, All Apps, found the ones I wanted to move, clicked move to SD card, the icon said moving, and then it gives me the option to move to internal memory. Mission accomplished I thought, but when I checked my data there had been no change. I plugged it into my computer to check and the only thing under Android Data is Quite confused as to why none of my apps actually transferred over even though my phone says they are on the SD card. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Nathanael777

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