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Apps taking up extra space

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  1. skittleys

    skittleys Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 10, 2010
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    I'm noticing that all of the apps on my phone are taking up much more disk space than advertised. I've Googled this and have found many people experiencing similar issues but find that it's because they had a large cache, or were able to reduce the size by uninstalling and reinstalling. These strategies are not working for me.
    For example, I just installed the app "FiftyTwo" for the very first time, and without even having ever opened it up, it is taking up 252KB (instead of 166KB).
    Any ideas why?????
    I'm using an Acer Liquid E, which uses 2.1, with the 2.2 update due out any day now.......


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