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Apps that Control Data (3G) Connections with a Schedule/Timer

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  1. kaneelias

    kaneelias Member

    Hi Guys,

    I am knew to android and am absolutely loving it on my Desire, so glad i never went with a certain fruit company:p

    Anyways, i have had a search around here and on the market place and cannot find an app that suits my needs.

    Basically, i run timeriffic (which is fantastic by the way) and mostly i use a wi-fi connection. However there are times when i know there is no wi-fi around eg. when i travel to work, so i have it turned off. What i would like to know is if there is any app out there that would allow me to schedule a time to turn on my 3g data connection (i have APNdroid installed and 3g disabled as default) for those periods when my wi-fi is off so i always have a data connection.

    I did see the app Data on Demand and this would have been perfect but it did not work with my Desire.

    Can anyone using a Desire let me know if they have tried Data on Demand and got it working and what conditions it was working


    Can someone recommend an app that meets my needs?

    I guess if not i will need to contact the developer of timeriffic (who i have seen around here) and see if there is anyway he could intergrate with APNdroid and control 3G data connections.

    Thanks for any help provided

  2. kaneelias

    kaneelias Member

    Never mind guys, i found the timeriffic does have a APNdroid feature. For some reason my Mobile Internet settings became corrupt, had to do a hard reset but now timeriffic is controlling 3g effectively.
  3. simy0083

    simy0083 Member

    i think that i use an application which is exactly what you are looking for.
    The app is connection commander, and with it you can schedule when and how you want to connect. I use it to connect in wifi every work day starting at 09:30 and to disable mobile data traffic in the night. because of my work, i travel a lot, and with it i also program flight mode so i don't have to worry about reminding to set it on :)

    i hope it hepls you :)

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