Apps that currently do NOT work on the Xoom

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  1. danielkogan

    danielkogan Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I need Google Voice! Need it fast. Strange that Google slept on that one! Same for Google Docs... Not very browser friendly!

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    you guys are thinking like the xoom is a mobile phone. just use the browser to check/use GV! :D
  3. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    Wow, I was trying to help. Sorry for stepping out of turn.
  4. Air Force One

    Air Force One Well-Known Member

    Yeah but you don't get instant integrated notifications on your Xoom using the desktop version. We want an app....just like other android Tablet users are using. This has nothing to do with thinking of the Xoom as a phone and everything to do with getting texts. That would be like saying if the Xoom didn't have Gmail, to just use the desktop version. If you personally don't need or want Google Voice on the Xoom that's fine but I don't see why you care that we do want it. :D It's a perfectly legit complaint to want GV on the Xoom. :)
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  5. Air Force One

    Air Force One Well-Known Member

    Don't worry you didn't step out of turn..anyone is allowed to answer questions on an open forum :)
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  6. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Well-Known Member

    I have a bunch of apps that aren't allowing me to install them from the market. Xfinity app is one of them. They basically say they're not compatible with the Xoom on the web market. If I search for them on the Xoom itself it doesn't find them. ARGH!
  7. drhill

    drhill Well-Known Member

    Might as well get a netbook then since apps aren't important for you. Web pages don't provide notifications.
  8. JohnMcClane

    JohnMcClane Well-Known Member

    iSyncr = no bueno (I have the Mac version)

    Looks like it is back to "drag and drop" to get my music on here.
  9. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Well-Known Member

    Try Motorola Media Link. That's how I get my iTunes music onto my Droid. I'm trying it on the Xoom as I type and it seems to recognize it. It's xferring some music from iTunes right now. So give it a shot.

    EDIT: Ok, maybe I need some sleep. You just said you're on a Mac. Consider me an idiot. Sorry.

    EDIT2: Yea, that went well. There was an error connecting to the Xoom. Perfect. Soooo, nevermind then. This doesn't seem to work. sigh.
  10. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    whats up with all the sass tonight? its friday! im only providing workarounds until the devs get the apps compatible with honey. viewing the webpage version is better than not having it at all isnt it?? lol yall cats are wild tonight... :)
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  11. StreakTheQuad

    StreakTheQuad Well-Known Member

    Air control, raging thunder 2, doodle jump and backbreaker football not working correctly
  12. Air Force One

    Air Force One Well-Known Member

    Just giving you a hard time :) I've got it on my Nexus so I'm using that for now still. The webpage just isnt that attractive of a solution since I didn't get an alert to go there...I'm just aimlessly going there to check for messages. That's not the Android way :D
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  13. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    no no no im pickin' up what you're layin' down xoom brotha.. no doubt... :) i have the evo so i still hear the alerts.. i know we all want the xoom to just work like we are used to on our android phones.. :) no worries mate...
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  14. daddyd302

    daddyd302 Well-Known Member

    Speaking of apps that don't work... Wtf is wrong with the market? It doesn't show which apps I already have or let me comment/rank on the app. The only way you know you have it is to check under my apps. Is this a honeycomb thing?

    It would be nice when I'm searching for apps and know which ones I already have without having to remember it. The comment/rank be nice so we can let other Xoom owners know what works and what doesn't.

    Robo defense works but it won't cover the whole screen. I love that game but it's unplayable at that size on the Xoom.
  15. StreakTheQuad

    StreakTheQuad Well-Known Member

    Try robo defense HD beta. Looks great on the xoom!

    I agree that it is frustrating that you can't comment and rank apps anymore.
  16. Cincybearcatfan

    Cincybearcatfan Well-Known Member

    Most apps don't work or look right. The Facebook app looks terrible. Album art grabber works as does Mint but they are formatted for a phone and are too small. Sky Force (as I mentioned before) Google Voice does not work but GV SMS does work. I miss many root apps like ad free android but I have to get used to it since no rooting until after the 4G upgrade. BTW anyone find out if the bootloader is locked down? Swiftkey is not found,Swype won't log in. Oh well I love it anyway!
  17. knivesout

    knivesout Well-Known Member

    Think waiting until the Spring tablet boom is going to pay off...have fun, early adopters!
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  18. aleis

    aleis Well-Known Member

    not nice.
  19. MJBarnes

    MJBarnes Active Member

    I am having multiple force close issues. Now I tend to push my devices a little more than most and pretty much installed every application that I have purchased, but probably 50% of my apps are giving me a Force Close either during the runtime or after shutdown.

    Frustrating, but probably self induced on many levels until developers can update their apps appropriately for Honeycomb.
  20. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    I usually check marketplace every day, there's more updates today, including gmail.
  21. ArXane

    ArXane Well-Known Member

    Any word if this is going to be coming out? Or is there a way to make chrome to phone work with the xoom?
  22. JohnMcClane

    JohnMcClane Well-Known Member

    We can add ESPN Radio app and Mixzing media player as well... both don't work/function are all
  23. JohnMcClane

    JohnMcClane Well-Known Member

    I didn't get any notification of any updates... just checks the marketplace as well and ddnt see anything... where did you notice the updates?
  24. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Well-Known Member

    Anyone get Trillian to work? Every time I try to sign in it tells me error connecting to server. It works fine on my Droid but Ive yet to b able to get it to work on the Xoom. I'd really like that fixed.
  25. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Air control, Raging Thunder 2 and Doodle Jump work fine on the gtablet, so apparently Honeycomb related. Backbreaker does not work on the G (graphics gray- no color).

    Should not take too long for popular apps to be updated, but a ton may not, since Honeycomb focus is tablets and phone apps are not.

    Even Apple has separate apps for iPad. Some are universal, but many are not.

    Maybe having a non-Honeycomb tablet is not so bad after-all- until the app community has a chance to catch up. More apps (mainly games) work.

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