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  1. MtnbikerChk

    MtnbikerChk Well-Known Member

    I haven't played too much with it since I forced the update Tuesday but words with friends won't update.

    Facebook has always been buggy so I can't even blame JB.

    Xfinity isn't playing nice anymore either.

    Any apps you use need a rewrite?

  2. Cobravision

    Cobravision Well-Known Member

    Pocket hangs a lot. After reading an article, you have to either exit the program or open the settings menu to read another article. This happens more often than not.
  3. Gretchendz

    Gretchendz Member

    Having problems with corporate email
  4. Spacejockey

    Spacejockey New Member

    My Prime got updated last week and yes, everything appeaerd to be faster but now, my camera is not working the way it should. For one thing, instead of the shutter type click, now, my camera just take a photo and 'slide' the image over!? Leaving me wondering if I did actually took a photo. And then, now, I can't locate the photos in file manager even though I could see the newly taken ones in my gallery!

    And emailing them to myself produced iffy results, sometimes, I could get the photo, sometimes, it never went thru.

    Finally, my biggest grib about Jelly Bean is the fact that, with ICS, I could connect up to my PC and see everything. Now, I connect, I don't even see my micro SD card!!! WTF. I only get INTERNAL STORAGE and nothing more. And when I click on that folder, I am then shown DCIM and PICTURES! and nothing else. I can't see my Kindle selections, my PDFs, program files, or anything else for that matter.

    Am I doing something I shouldn't be? Did I do somethiing wrong or have not not done something to enable the rest? I had on such problem with ICS and my PC readily shown me everything within the Prime just like any external storage hardware.

    Any suggestions? I am ready to return to ICS.
  5. Gretchendz

    Gretchendz Member

    Me too--anyone know a fix?
  6. Spacejockey

    Spacejockey New Member

    I am to understand you might have the same problem of not seeing your Prime's files from your PC when connected? Well, I discovered from another forum, with someone answering another unrelated thread.

    Now, I got my files back, or that I could see them now, and so I could transfer, delete, move etc.

    1- Click on your SYSTEM icon
    2- Click on the STORAGE icon on the left column
    3- Now, go and click on that three tiny stacked squares on the top most right hand corner
    5- You are then presented with two options. For some reason, when I upgraded to Jellybean, the system reset it to such, as I have never touch this in my life, let alone knew about it but...
    6- Check the MEDIA DEVICE (MTP) instead of CAMERA (PTP) that it was currently set
    7- Now, if you connect your tab to your PC and open Windows File, you should be able to see your your TF201's file folders and all included files like you used to. I hope that would work for you too! Good luck!:)

    Let me know if that did help then? My e-address is

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