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Apps that sync between phones?

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  1. hothead2

    hothead2 New Member

    My fianc

  2. jimdroid

    jimdroid Well-Known Member

    I've been using OurGroceries and it's fantastic, IMO. You can find it, for free, at: OurGroceries v1.3.1 Application for Android | Shopping

    It also has a web interface, so you can use it from your PC as well.

    For ToDo Lists, there are many options, such as Astrid and RememberTheMilk. I use gTasks (free in the Market) which syncs with Google Tasks.

  3. ceedee

    ceedee Well-Known Member

    In addition to jimdroid's excellent suggestions, it might be worth thinking about compiling your own files (rather than via an app) and syncing them using Dropbox.

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