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  1. nobiggie

    nobiggie Active Member

    i've seen a couple of apps that make using the stock music player better, enough so that i quit using meridian and went back to the stock one, even though i really like meridian's gesture control.

    anyone else want to share others they've found/used/liked?

    what i've used:
    droidshuffle- it lets me setup/customize music controls by letting me pick which presses cause certain functions. like long press for pause/play, short press for next, 2x short press for previous, you can configure how you like
    music control- enables volume/camera key control
    pure music widget- simple good-looking widget with album art and basic controls, from a great dev

    i'd like one that makes it faster&easier to make playlists from large music collections for one, and haven't come across any. any other ideas/apps found?

  2. shrink57

    shrink57 Well-Known Member

    I have to agree that Pure Music Widget has breathed new life into the stock player. It eve allows you to toggle bluetooth, shuffle and repeat from my homescreen.
  3. nobiggie

    nobiggie Active Member

    that guy also has an awesome calendar widget app, and his weather one is the best free one IMO. the paid weather one combines with the gcalendar which is genius
  4. shrink57

    shrink57 Well-Known Member

    And don't forget Pure Messenger Widget combining gmail, pop3 mail, sms, facebook and twitter. And all his apps have great skins.

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