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Apps to make fonts larger?Support

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  1. bebbles

    bebbles Well-Known Member

    My mom cant read the font very well on her Droid 3, what apps can I download for the contacts list and text messaging for larger font?

    I found some stuff where people recommended the 'GO' line of apps, but I wasnt able to see any font size settings for them when we dl'd it.

    Any help appreciated, thank you!

  2. ndoren

    ndoren Well-Known Member Contributor

    If you want to take a slightly different approach, you could consider rooting your phone and using any of the multitude of font changing apps for rooted users. They change fonts globally, eliminating the need to modify each app for font size. I haven't tried them personally, but you could inqure in the root forum and get some feedback. I know apps like "font changer (root)," in the market, gets amazing reviews. Neall
  3. Knitewulf

    Knitewulf Well-Known Member


    just root your mom's phone, but personally don't tell her what your doing because if she's as technologically challenged as my mom she'll freak out.
  4. bebbles

    bebbles Well-Known Member

    I dont want to root her phone just in case she takes it in to the tech support, since there is a corporate store that provides help in-store nearby. =T I will keep it in mind as a last resort though...
  5. jkmasi

    jkmasi Well-Known Member

    I am a 52 year-old mom and I can't read the fonts either. Download Handcent SMS and set that as her default texting app. You can adjust the font size of both the message list and the conversation bubbles. It works great. I may end up rooting my phone just to be able to make a global font size change, because I still can't read the font in contacts, or any of the menus. I HATE having to put on reading glasses just to use my phone.
  6. bebbles

    bebbles Well-Known Member

    Thank you!! :)

    I didnt know you could adjust font size in Handcent! Will DL on her phone now! :p
  7. needhelpinnc

    needhelpinnc New Member

    Need larger font on my samsung galaxy s. I had downloaded app from market on 2.2 my local store updated to 2.3.4 and now I can't find the app anymore! whats the point of having a big screen when the letters are tiny?
  8. DeadChex

    DeadChex Well-Known Member

    I'm afraid your in the DROID3 Section, to find help with your phone you'll be best off in the Samsung Galaxy S forums section.
    Samsung Galaxy S - Android Forums

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