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  1. mike_11

    mike_11 Active Member

    My x10MP is giving a warning it's running low on internal storage space.

    Is there a way to to transfer apps to the SD card w/o rooting the phone?

    Any other suggestions on how to free up space in the internal storage?.


  2. Jake-SonyXperia

    Jake-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Have you tried performing an Update to the handset as 2.3.3 may be available to you if the network the handset is locked has accepted the update, if they have you will be able to update and use the default App2SD within the handset.
  3. mike_11

    mike_11 Active Member

    Thanks for replying.

    Does the x10MP have an update to android 2.3? didn't SE announced the handset won't be upgraded beyond 2.1?.
  4. Josh-SonyXperia

    Josh-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    You are right Mike, My Co-worker must have thought about the Xperia
  5. mike_11

    mike_11 Active Member


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