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  1. ajay.acharyakv

    ajay.acharyakv Well-Known Member

    I am facing a very peculiar problem: I have set my phone to receive app updates by wifi only: I observed that at times, my phone freezes and many a time goes dead. On resetting my phone, I realize that the battery strength had greatly reduced: recently I realized that this happens whenever there is an update to Apps on the Google Play market.
    Because of this, I find that the phone gets to become very unreliable, as I would have assumed that I still had 70% power and after this reset, I am left with only 20% power on the battery.
    ANYONE PLEASE HELP:confused::confused::confused::mad::mad::mad:

  2. racoon922

    racoon922 New Member

    I am having this exact problem with my SG2 - it's been happening ever since the update in December 2012!

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