Apps using data with Background Data off.

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  1. Knerd

    Knerd Member

    I'm new with this Android thing, a HTC Desire btw., and i'm playing around with the settings to get to know my phone.
    But there is one little issue i can't figure out. I reacently downloaded a Weather App from the national weather forecast center (DMI), and placed 2 widgets from it on my homescreen. I have a 1G data limit pr. month, witch should be more than enough for my use, but i keep Background data turned off just to be on the safe side. When i installed Watchdog, i realiced that my phone can easily use 25Mb overnight if my wifi is off to save power. Background data is off. I kill almost all apps (including the DMI weather app, and apps i never use like facebook and a preinstalled news app) using Advanced Task Killer (free) before i go to bed.

    So here is my 2 questions:
    Why do some apps like facebook frequently show up on my list of running tasks eventhough i do not use them, and how do i turn that feature off (to save power)?
    Why do some widgets and apps use data eventhough Background Data is off, and how do i make them stop without disabeling the mobile internet connection?

    It seemed removing the DMI widgets reduced the overnight datausage, but acording to my Watchdog, i still use 2-5Mb overnight dispite the fact that Background Data is off, and the DMI app still shows up as a running Task in the morning.

  2. barqers

    barqers Well-Known Member

    Okay first, I've noticed that apps can start themselves too. Usually nothing to really worry about. However, if they're using your data and you don't want that the best way to block them is to root your phone and install droidwall. This way you can specify what apps can use your data. Personally I have all apps allowed access to wifi, but only SMS, maps, nhl, internet, etc. for 3G.

    Also, the "Background Data" is basically a guideline... Meaning the applications don't have to follow it. It's annoying, I know. But it's not a surefire way. The only way is to a) root your phone and install droidwall, or b) use APNDroid or an equivalent program to turn 3g on/off.
  3. lifeonmtv

    lifeonmtv Well-Known Member

    get rid of it, task killers are rarely useful on android.

    Android Cache's applications in the background so that if u happen to want to use them they load up more efficiently. Android will try to fill up any unused extra ram (that's why task killers are almost useless, as android will re load apps into ram when you kill them, most likely using more battery in the process). An app cached in ram doesn't impact your battery. You need to look at CPU usage per app, which does impact battery (most task killers only display ram usage), and for that purpose I recommend an app called system panel.

    Background data is required to be on for certain applications (talk, market, a bunch of others) and for auto sync to work (iirc). You can disable accounts for apps syncing data in the Sync settings of your phone, and set the interval for them to do it at (or preferably select to push data where available). For some apps this won't work, and you will have to look data usage settings within each app. The best way to pin point when/what is using the data would be to (as mentioned earlier) root and use droidwall then check the log.

    edit: from what you wrote, it seems almost obvious the the DMI widgets are data hogs, go into the DMI settings and have a look for sync interval option, or data sync, or something along those lines.
  4. Knerd

    Knerd Member

    Sorry, i'm a newbee here... Root? What's that again?
    Thanks for the replys btw...
  5. sohguanh

    sohguanh Well-Known Member

    For Android apps that is designed as a service (aka app without a User Interface), manually killing it is no use. According to Android SDK, the moment a request came along it will auto-restart the service. This is by Android service design.

    You either root it (not recommended). Uninstall it (don't use the app) or request to your mobile operator to terminate all data related services.

    I know the above 3 is lousy alternatives but that is how it is to be. I believe for all smart-phones advancement, there are still users who uses smart-phone for just phone calls and SMS. They don't have data plan.

    Whoever mandates a smart-phone must be enabled with a data plan? At least for developers, we can write our own apps for our own needs. Save monies also :)
  6. You can see on an app by app basis how much network traffic there is with "Network Observer". I wrote it so if you have any questions about it I'm the guy to ask.

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