Apps with no "Service"?

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  1. jimt68

    jimt68 Well-Known Member

    I decided to take a financial break and had service to my Android turned off with Verizon (Saves me another 30.00/month). So, for now, I am happy with a simple, free phone. Anyway, most of my apps still work, including calendars, reminders, games, music, camera. I can get by without updates. However, I have come across a glitch. I forgot to purchase Pool Break Pro! I love its demo version, but the trial period is nearing its end. Is there any way that I can purchase the pro version and download/install it on my phone, via my desktop, without service on my phone? Do I need to root it, if rooting is even still possible? Thanks!

  2. NiceGuysFinishLast

    NiceGuysFinishLast Well-Known Member

    Just hook the Droid up via WiFi, download your updates, and buy the app that you want. Your service with Verizon has nothing to do with the Android market. The ONLY thing that has changed about your phone is that you can no longer make voice calls or use data on Verizon's network (excluding 911 calls, which should still work).
  3. jimt68

    jimt68 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Never tried Wifi before. I guess it's time.
  4. quickaudi

    quickaudi Well-Known Member Contributor

    wifi is better on your battery anyway, and you get faster download speeds

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