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  1. Didz

    Didz New Member

    Hey all,

    I have the Archos 101IT. And it has AppsLib...... which i am finding very lacking!
    Trying to find stuff like TweetDeck and LauncherPro is impossiable!

    Is there a way of getting Android Market on here?



  2. FCUM

    FCUM Well-Known Member

    Yes, download Arctools and that will install the market, gmail etc. You may then find that some apps still dont appear so you have to do the market fix. details here. Google Android Market missing apps fix
  3. liamhoughton31

    liamhoughton31 New Member

    hi i am also having the same problem with a very similar problem, with my arnova 10 g2 (very similar to the 101, wasnt listed in the tab list) but when i try to download the arctools, it downloads ok, but wont let me install even though i am downloading a file specifically made for the 10 g2.

    any ideas please. thanks, Liam

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