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Aps not downloading?Support

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  1. ballogie

    ballogie Member

    when I pick an app to download from market, it won't download. They just sit there "preparing to download"

    Any thoughts ?

  2. Crash27

    Crash27 Well-Known Member

    There is several things that you can try, make sure you have the WiFi turned off for the market will not let me download if connected, also make sure you have checked off the Unknown Sources under your Application Settings just to make sure. Other than that I would make sure you can browse the web and if that fails then I am not sure.
  3. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Well you don't need to turn off wifi or check unknown sources. Those won't be the problem.

    are you signed into google talk? Apps won't download unless you are
  4. ballogie

    ballogie Member

    Google Talk ! I hadn't thought of that. Cheers, I'll check that out and report back
  5. ballogie

    ballogie Member

    Ok, had a look. Where do I find Google Talk settings ?
  6. xx_raj_xx

    xx_raj_xx Well-Known Member

    I was having this problem early...have you changed your mail from Googlemail to Gmail...if you have there is your problem.. either revert back reset all of your account settings ;-)
  7. Gavilaaar

    Gavilaaar Member

    I also had the same problem.

    I used SE Update Service to re-install he firmware. I haven't had no problems since. *touch wood*
  8. JDwan

    JDwan Well-Known Member

    I use Wi-Fi only to download apps and there hasn't been a problem. I have never signed in to Google Talk and still have no problem. Sometimes it will look like the app isn't doing anything but preparing to download or sometimes it doesn't even show that for a while but as long as I wait for a while, it will eventually kick and do what it is supposed to do. The wait usually is at most 20 seconds or so.

    Though I also had reinstalled the firmware because the phone funtionality stopped working once, so maybe that is the way to go. I'm not sure. If you choose this route, make sure you back everything up first.
  9. ballogie

    ballogie Member

    Thanks - that indeed was the problem. I changed back to "googlemail.com" from "gmail.com" and that fixed it instantly. Can I buy you a beer ?
  10. xx_raj_xx

    xx_raj_xx Well-Known Member

    you can do. .live in Wycombe UK, next time u around, give a shout ;-)

    you can change to Gmail, but I had to do a clean install, wipe it clean and start again to get my gmail working properly.

    their might be an other way.. but the fresh install worked for me.


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