Aptoide and forks banned from the Market

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    Hi guys...

    Yesterday Aptoide and forks (ApkTor, F-Droid,...) were banned from the market without further explanation.
    Aptoide is in the market for more than one year.
    It seems the growing momentum of Bazaar (Home • Bazaar - Your Own Aptoide / Apktor Repository) triggered Google's decision.

    There is an interesting thread going on on the Android forum:

    Censorship ? Aptoide and forks (ApkTor) had been removed from the Market - Android Market Help

    Some people defend that is being used to warez.
    Some state that an open definition of apks repository and a GPLv2 client is important when a growing number of non-compatible proprietary app stores (Samsung, Acer,...) are showing up.

    Have a nice 2011.


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