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  1. DHracer

    DHracer Member

    With the latest release of 2.2, Arabic is now supported. Somewhat...

    What about connecting the letters? My Evo with 2.2 (rooted) displays arabic fonts, but they are disconnected making it worthless almost when reading online. The Arabic keyboard app helps connect texts when typing, but this is only inputting - displayed Arabic fonts are still disconnected.

    I've done some digging around and I'm still unable to find a reliable way to get Arabic fonts to display correctly.

    I would really like my whole UI localized into Arabic, and according to Arabic Android, this shouldn't be hard once Arabic is supported (which it is partly, now).

    Can anyone out there help me with getting Arabic fonts to correctly connect on my Evo? I'll buy you lunch if you can get my whole UI localized as well.



  2. isoelectric

    isoelectric Active Member

  3. barribow

    barribow Member

    Not all the devices are supported for example HTC Hero that our friend owns is not supported.
  4. rash799

    rash799 New Member

    Hi there

    I have a HTC Desire and I am trying to get the Arabic to join with the previous letter. The link that you have given has a version for HTC Desire but does not support the latest update by HTC. I have got the latest update since I updated around 2-3 weeks ago so I was wondering are there any other solutions??

    Please help I really need joint Arabic fonts on my phone.:(
  5. razzamatazz

    razzamatazz New Member

    Greetings, i have an HTC desire S. arabic letters are not connected. is there any way i can have this fixed. please help.
  6. abuhaneen

    abuhaneen New Member

    I have bought htc s710e, android 2.3.3, and I have the same problem, the Arabic letters displaying disconnected, and I don't why htc don't support or help the customers to solve that, really I am very regretful when I was this phone, note I have contact with all htc service in many countries they didn't help, I am in china and working in huawei company, they said if I buy their divine, they can help me to upgrade phone system in their internal website!!:cool:
  7. BasemAli

    BasemAli New Member

    To be able to get arabic letters connected, use OPERA web browser, try it and let me know.
  8. BasemAli

    BasemAli New Member

    To be able to get arabic letters connected, use OPERA web browser, try it and let me know.
  9. galaxyn7000

    galaxyn7000 New Member

    yes with opera you can read arabic sites, but this doesn't solve the whole problem, reading arabic sms, facebook, etc....

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