Arabic support for HTC sense - Desire HD

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  1. Fatla

    Fatla Member

    Recently I've been exploring CM 7.1 and it's fine ... just fine.
    However,I couldn't find some crucial features such as contact managers , camera ,and Sync with corporate mail 's contacts like the ones into HTC sense.

    I've been goggling for a while to get the Arabic support over my Desire HD as well as over my original HTC sense rom.
    I've found out set of roms that support arabic beside HTC Sense.However, I face issues while installing these roms .

    Thus,I was wondering if anyone can tell me for an arabic file that I can install it over my original HTC sense rom and please don't even mention bz I tried and I keep find it in a lot of search results .

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    What issues are you having with the installs? Stuff like LeeDroid/ARHD etc all have Arabic Patches and are based on the Stock ROM. Is it the ROM or the patches you're having issues with.

    Have you put the stock ROM back on there? I can't be 100% certain, but I can't see any issue with a stock ROM, then flashing one of the LeeDroid/ARHD Arabic patches over the top of it. It's not something I've ever heard done though, so I wouldn't like to say it would definitely work.
  3. Fatla

    Fatla Member

    Actually what I'm going to say is just ironic.... while messing with me DHD, it CRASHES .
    ys it does crash and it seems that the recovery tool has been vanished !
    Whenever I try to get into the Recovery , I got the red sign that I get used to have b4 rooting the cellular.
    After I got that red sign ,I press power+volume up --> Android system recovery <3e> is displayed .
    One of the options is to Apply but whenever I press it , I got no such file or directory.

    um on my way to fetch a device in order to put my mircoSD into and try to put one of the roms over it and try to install again.
    Meanwhile, do u have any advices to share !!

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