Aralon: Sword & Shadow - True Open World RPG Hits Androi

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  1. Ludikhris

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    After a long wait Aralon has come to the Google Play Store for all to enjoy. This is an open world adventure RPG game that plays similar to Everquest or World of Warcraft, only single player rather than MMO

    My Full Video Review


    • Decent Story
    • Huge Open World (exploration feels legit)
    • Good character progression/skill tree
    • Diverse Classes
    • Solid Quest System
    • Solid Combat System


    • Tablet UI is lacking (small buttons)
    • The interface isn't that customizable
    • The graphics are a bit dated
    • I did hit a small quest bug in one situation (unmentioned in the video)

    Google Play Link - $4.99

  2. Unforgiven

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    I moved this to the Application Announcements forum so folks looking for new apps can find it.:)

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