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Archos 101 Australia?

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  1. feilo

    feilo Member

    Hi guys,

    Ive fallen in love with the Archos 101, and am scouring the internet as to where to get my hands on one.

    The Archos site says a list of places, but they have no idea what I'm talking about!

    anyone have any idea where i can get one? either online or locally!



  2. Catfish

    Catfish Well-Known Member

    If you use Internet Explorer to see the archos.com website, set hte country t oAustralia and look for where you can buy in Australia. It says Harvey Norman will have them, bu their online store says nothing about them. THere's apparently a number of stores that will sell them but I can't find it in many of the webshops. The ones that do have them in their webshops want OVER $400 for them, and they aren't in stock! Preorder only.

    I'll be stuffed I'm gonna pay more than $300 for one of these things. I'll sit and wait until I can get something next year if they want over $400 for it.
  3. feilo

    feilo Member

    Yea same mate, minidisc want $549! thats robbery!

    I did read somewhere though that Australia was getting a shipment in around January- February. which kinda sucks. So Im now looking for another tab something that has slightly more RAM like 512 or soemthing. Let me know if something is out there and better!

    My brother bought a telstra thing, omg its rubbish

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