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  1. MarioLaul

    MarioLaul New Member

    Such a concern that I wanted to make a formation Arcohs 101 G9 Tablet PC. I went to the Archos A101S Recovery Menu by holding down the volume + button and switch the power on button. Its a stupid mistake I selected from the Format System-> Device Reformat. Of course I did not know that before the computer to connect and integrate the Archos firmware file to the root folder. Android is removed?, at least it does not Boot up your computer as well, and does not connect, what to do?

  2. nboti

    nboti New Member

    Well, the same result, trying a firmware update..
    How did you move on from the Recovery menu?

  3. Glen460

    Glen460 New Member stuck in A101S recovery Mode, i'm unable to mount my Archos 101 G9 Turbo...can anyone help with this please....

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