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Archos 101 no longer showing up in Android Market

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  1. sambowomble

    sambowomble Member

    I have a new Archos 101 8GB Gen8 that I have had for two weeks. Installed a few tweeks and Android Market has been working great. Even so when I can go on my laptop and go to Android Market there and remote install my apps. As of a few days ago, it is no longer showing the device in my profile. I have cleared out and removed all updates for the Market on my Archos but still nothing. The last step I want to do to fix this annoyance is to do a wipe. Any suggestions before I go down that road?

  2. sambowomble

    sambowomble Member

    Anyone please?
  3. Hesutu

    Hesutu New Member

    I have an archos 32, with a number of apps already installed from the market. I can still access the market from my device, but when I try to do it from a pc, it says that I don't have any devices linked with this account.
  4. labwizard

    labwizard Active Member

    Same problem, I had the Music Beta on there and updated to the final version but it failed. I notifed Google then saw on the Market help pages that they no longer support the Gen 8 Archos but do support the Gen 9. I'm gladd I backed up all my APK's so I can reload as needed.
  5. JED-Aye

    JED-Aye Member

    I had the same problem, but it seems to have resolved its self and I can see the 101 again.

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